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Alsaed, A. K.; Amr, A. Sh.; Alzubaidy, H.
5th international conference on food technology
Saloneik/ Greece9-11/3/2007Lecturer
Alsaed, A. K.
Workshop on sensory evaluation of food
Alsaed, A. K.
1st Saudi food safety symposium
Hofuf/Saudi Arabia8-10/7/2001Lecturer
Alsaed, A. K. and Humeid, M. A.
1st international date and palm conference
Alain/United Arab Emarates8-10/3/1998Lecturer
Alsaed, A. K., Shatat, F., Al-Ismael, Kh., Abu-Awad, A. and Abdelkader, S.
4th Conference of the Saudi Agriculture Society
Hael/Saudi Arabia4-8 April 2011Others
25.Alsaed, A. K., Al-Ismael, Kh. and Deraniyah, I.
4th  Internatnal OLIVEBIOTEQ
Chania-Crete/Greece31 October-4th November 2011Others
Alsaed, A.K.
Tempus program
Cordoba/Spain and Foggi/Italy30/10 - 14/11/2006Others
Invited visitor to arrange for a Tempus joint project between University of Jordan and Cordoba and Foggi Universities

Alsaed, A. K.

Agricultural and water resources development conference
Hofuf/ Saudi Arabia28-30/1/2002Lecturer
Alsaed, A. K. and Alghzawi, H.
3rd Jordanian agricultural conference
Alsamael, Kh.; Alsaed, A. K.; Ahmed, R.; Auob Salam
1st international conference on food processing and biotechnology
Alsaed, A. K., Ahmed, R., Aldoomy, H., Abdelkader, S., Saleh, D.,
S akijha, H.
International 11th congress on food and engineering
Athens, Greece22-26 May 2011Lecturer
Alsaed, A. K.
1st Arabic conference on food safety&hygiene
Bahrain21-24 december 2008Lecturer
Alsaed, A. K.
Date processing
Alsaed, A. K.
Date processing seminar
Almadina Almunawarah/Saudi Arabia2005Lecturer
Alsaed, A. K.
Quality of fruits and vegetables in Middetreanian countries
Alsaed, A. K.
4th international Date and Palm Symposium
Hofuf/Saudi Arabia2004Lecturer
Alsaed, A. K.
Quality of fruits and vegetables
Alsaed, A. K.
Training course in HACCP
Riyadh/Saudi Arabia2002Lecturer
Alsaed, A. K.
Preserving of agriculturald comodities
Alsaed, A. K. and Abu-Ali, M.
3rd date palm symposium
Hofuf/Saudi Arabia17-20/1/1993Lecturer
Alsaed, A. K.; Alyamani, M. and Alabdullah, B.
Risk analysis in food quality control
Ali K Alsaed, Khalid Alsamael, Rafat Ahmad and Salam Ayoub
4th international conference on olive oil
Alsaed, A. K.and Abu-Aishah, M.
International conference for engineering and agriculture technology
Alsaed, A. K.
4th International food processing conference
UK14-17 April 1994Lecturer
Alsaed, A. K. and Alghzawi,H.
Nutritionists meet food scientists and technologists
Alsaed, A. K.
1st Jordanian food and nutrition symposium