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This course deals with importance of tree fruit growing, classification of tree fruit, orchard establishment (site selection, rootstock, cultivar, planting systems, and frost protection), flowering, fruit set, fruit drop and fruit growth and maturation, cultural practices (pruning and training, fruit thinning, fertilizer application, irrigation, and use of plant growth bioregulators.
This course deals with economic importance, morphological description and production requirements of major tree fruit: evergreens (olive, citrus, banana, date palm, guava, and loquat), deciduous (pome fruits, stone fruits, nuts, fig, and pomegranate), and small fruits (grapes and strawberry)
This course focuses on plant structure, classification, growth, reproduction and utilization of cultivated plants. Methods to illustrate these areas include, plant identification and nomenclature, plant propagation in general, vegetative and reproductive growth, and development. Soil and water management, land preparation. The discussion includes information on photosynthesis, respiration and translocation, and factors affecting plant growth and development including climatic influences on crop production
This course covers topics related to importance of the evolution and development of agriculture sector, climate, plant production in irrigated and rainfed areas, livestock production, marketing of agricultural products, agricultural mechanization, institutions working in the agricultural sector in Jordan, agricultural development plans in Jordan and the impact of these schemes on the agricultural sector of Jordan
This course covers topics related to the importance of home garden, sections of home garden, climatic factors, plant propagation at home, planting lawns, vegetables, fruits and ornamentals, management of home garden, and garden planning