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My main research of interest focuses on gene regulation and protein-DNA interactions that leads to establishing infection by the opportunistic pathogenic fungi Aspergillus fumigatus and Candida glabrata. Both fungi produce virulence factors that enable them to invade and colonize mammalian host tissue. In Aspergillus fumigatus, we focus on the gene cluster responsible for melanin pigment synthesis; PKSP (also called ALB1), AYG1, ARP2, ARP1, ABR1, and ABR2. In Candida glabrata, we study gene expression of ABS-transporter genes CDR1 and CDR2 that are responsible for fluconazole antifungal resistant. To accomplish these tasks, we use variety of molecular methods that assists in characterization of DNA-protein interaction and gene regulation. We also use Gene Prediction and Gene Annotations tools that aids in elucidation of structure and function of these gene.