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This course depends on knowing the key terms that use in sociology as well as give opportunity to the students to know more about the most influential thinkers who influence the social theory and political theory in particular. Also this course open new look to many sociological and political perspective
2007-2008 USA
i toaught this cource in United State of America, this cource focus in the social relation between many different groups in USA and how this relation effect the structure of political sestem in USA
2007-2008 USA
this cource focus on the military strategy and the development of military technology through the history.
this course aims to explore the history of jordan and the structure of political regime in Jordan, history of Jordan, and jordan relation with other countries. this course also focuses on the development in jordan.
this course focuses on the nature of political regimes in the Arab world and how these regimes are developed through history. which countries that follow monarchy regime or republic regimes. also this course analyze how the Arab political Regimes deal with main political crises especially the Arab-Israel conflict.