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This course includes the study of the evolution of management thoughts through the
study of the various management cools, the functions of the management process i.e.: planning , organizing , directing and control, it also includes the study of the various functional departments in the organization such as , production, marketing , finance, human resource management . . .   etc.
First Year
This course focuses on presenting and discussing the various principles and concepts of Human Resources Management. It stresses the policies, programs and methods that have been developed and implemented successfully in the field.
This course include the discussion of the various functional activities of Human Resource Management such as planning, recruitment, selection, job analysis , performance appraisal, training and development, compensation, career planning and promotion, safety and health, and labor relations.
Fourth Year
The course includes: the recognition of the business environment of the multinational firms , the international trade concepts, and the management of the various functional activities of the multinational firm.
Fourth Year
This course focuses how to deal with the organization in a comprehensive manner to develop its strategies. It  includes the recognition and analysis of the external and internal environment, in addition to its resources and capabilities in order chart its long term strategy. It also includes, comprehensive case analysis to train the student on strategic analysis and strategic decision making .
Fourth Year