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2011-2012/ 2014-2015
This course is composed of theoretical and practical elements. It provide students with the basic concept of therapeutic exercise and how it is related to physical function. The module is mainly directed to cover the exercises that are related to the physical function of flexibility.
2011-2012 till now
This course is composed of theoretical and practical elements. The theoretical element covers the concepts and principles of resistance exercises, aerobic exercises, aquatic exercises, balance and coordination exercises. Lectures include case studies, discussion of the latest evidence and exercise prescription. The practical element cover all the exercises learned in the theory and are based on peer modelling. Practical session takes place in different indoor and outdoor settings.
2011-2012 till now
An introductory course to management principles in health and the application of effective management strategies within the context of rehabilitation.
This course introcuses the students to principles of measurement in rehabilitation and the ICF. Practical sessions include MMT and ROM assessment.