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Course No:0702303 ( 3 Credit hours)
Prerequisites: 0701206
Course Description
This course focuses on teaching students the proper nursing care of the healthy and ill child in all stages of his or her life as a unique individual with special needs and characteristics within the family and the community context. The focus is on primary health care for children in different age groups. This care includes the prevention of health problems, as well as the treatment and the rehabilitation in case of illness. In addition, the course focuses on the application of the nursing process in the care of children and adolescents as well as providing care for children with various health problems

Third Year
Course NO: 0703722 (3 Cridit hours;2 theory&1 clinical)
Course Description:
This course will introduce students to the critical care nurse’s responsibilities in providing holistic care for critically ill infants, children, adolescents and their families. More emphasizes will be focused on the advanced knowledge and skills in providing holistic care for critically ill children and their families. Furthermore, advanced information regarding care units, equipment, teaching roles, and the principles and techniques of supervision and management of a critical care unit within fixed and field settings will be discussed in details.
In addition, the course has both classroom and clinical components designed to maximize application of in-depth critical care concepts to critically ill children and their families.
Course Number: 702102 (3 Credit Hours)
Course Description:
This course introduces students to the main concepts and principles of growth and development. It focuses on the developmental age periods and the role of the nurse in providing care for a child, an adolescent and their families; as well it gives general information about the characteristics of an adult and the elderly. After all, it concentrates on the main issues that help the student to develop a comprehensive and a holistic nursing care for each age group within the family context. The framework of the course is based on the concepts of health promotion.
First Year
Course No.  : 0703135  (3 Credit hours)
Course Description
The course focuses on gaining knowledge and skills to perform a comprehensive physical examination of the adult health client.  This course focuses on the normal findings and prepares the students to identify any deviation from normal and how to document and report these findings. Student will practice taking health history and physical examination in a laboratory setting.  
First Year
Course Description:
This course introduces to child health issues, on global as well as regional and national levels. It presents child health related international treaties. It discusses child heath indicators and major services provided to children in different age groups.
First Year
Course description
Course Number: 0703102
Credit Hours: 2 credit hours
Prerequisites: None
This course is designed to introduce students to the basic English concepts in health professions and to enable students to practice professional writing. Students will recognize the multiple purposes of documentation and state documentation fundamentals. The professional writing course will help students learn effective strategies for communicating such as hand writing and computer-mediated writing technologies.
2013- 2014
Course Title:  Scientific Research Methods
Course Number: 0703410
Credits:   3 credit hours
Pre-requisite:  0831190
The purpose of this course is to introduce the undergraduate nursing student to the research process as presented in professional nursing literature. It aims at introducing the basic concepts of research, its nature, purposes, methods, literature review and data collection, analysis & utilization. Emphasis will be on the applicability and implementation of the research process to nursing and health related problems. The course provide  the students with the opportunity to prepare for research projects.