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The course introduces students to Russian literature in general. Reading of various literary texts will be based on representative texts to familiarize students with literary terminology and the methods of text interpretation and make them realize the importance of general knowledge for the literature. Students will learn to work in groups. Through their group discussions and short presentations about the reading materials they will display better cross-cultural communication skills via comparing different cultures. Besides theoretical knowledge about Russian literature, the students are expected to continue improving their language competence. Discussions about the studied materials and oral & written interpretations are main parts of the intended communicative lecture.
Third year
This course gives the student a detailed and deep introduction to one of the important periods of the Russian literature (the first half of the nineteenth century) through the acquaintance of famous literary works of famous poets and writers in this period. The student gets the chance to explore the analysis of literal works.
Third year
This course introduces the skills of debate, effective reading and inferential thinking through the use of selected texts. The student should be able to recognize the structure of the text and to utilize the acquired vocabulary, expressions and structures in his discussion.
Fourth year
This course mainly enhances oral skills with the aim of practicing communication strategies in most kinds of conversation situations. General subjects will be discussed by means of interaction among students and the instructor and among students themselves. Students will be trained in listening comprehension through audio-visual aids.
Second year