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About Me


                                               EVE GEORGES SADA, OMEISH


EDUCATION                              THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA 
                                            Master of Music Education, 2009-2010
                                                           Oklahoma /USA

                                          THE NATIONAL MUSIC CONSERVATORY

                                         Bachelor of Music Education, 2005- 2008

TEACHING &                          THE UNIVERSITY OF JORDAN 

ADMINISTRATIVE                      Faculty of Arts and Design

EXPERIENCE                      Assistant Dean for Development and                                                                                                                                                                                                  

                                                  Quality Assurance Affairs 

                                                  2012/2013 - 2013/2014 


                            THE UNIVERSITY OF JORDAN/Faculty of Arts and Design
                          Department of Musical Arts, Faculty Member 2011 - present

                                     THE BAPTIST SCHOOL/Al-Rabiah /Amman
                                                   Music Teacher 2002- 2009                
                                     KODALY CONCEPT – LEVEL 3 , June 2012     
                                         THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA
                                     KODALY CONCEPT – LEVEL 2, June 2010       

                                            THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA
                                        KODALY CONCEPT - LEVEL 1, May 2009

                                                    SAMFORD UNIVERSITY 
                                         Optimizing Student Learning 1-2-3 and 4 
                       Amman Baptist School, Jordan /Beirut Baptist School, Lebanon


PROGRAMS AND             

                                     National Conference of American Kodaly Educators
                                             Hartford, Connecticut March 2013 USA     
                                    National Conference of American Kodaly Educators
                                                 Phoenix, Arizona March 2012 USA


                                Designing Study Plans, Effective University Teaching Skills,
                                              Teaching Design and Its Strategies,
                                    Exams Preparation and Assessment, Academic Ethics
                                           The University of Jordan, Jan-Feb / 2012

                                               Orff Alive with Music and Movement
                                                     Tulsa, Oklahoma, July 2011

                                   Music Technology Workshop/University of Oklahoma
                                                    Norman, Oklahoma June, 2011

                                       National Conference of American Kodaly Educators
                                              Minneapolis, Minnesota March 2011 USA

                                                  CLASSICAL MUSIC FESTIVAL 2010                                                
                                                EISENSTADT, AUSTRIA, August 2-16                                          

                                          National Conference of American Kodaly Educators
                                                       Dallas, Texas March 2010 USA

                                               Lead International/Amman -Jordan
                                      Leadership Training Course/Creative Thinking          
                                                                   August 2008

                                                 Jordan Light Cultural Association
                                               Inner life Management, July 2008


                                                         ​Release Your Power Est.
                                                   Moral Intelligence Caregiver (MIC)
                                                             Amman, August 2007

                                           The Forum of Cultural Events for Private School                                       
                                                       Al-Mashrek School ,May 2005               

                                                            Samford University
                                             Individualizing Instruction, January 2005
                                                  The Baptist School, Beirut, Lebanon

                                               The Cognitive Research Trust (CORT)   
                                                               Thinking Program
                                                   The Baptist School, August 2003


                                                    The National Music Conservatory
                                                     "Update Your Music Classroom"
                                                                 Amman, April 2003


                                      The Queen Zein AL-Sahraf Institute for Development
                                            Dealing with Children's Behavioral challenges
                                               Amman /Baptist School, August 2002

HONORS                       Certificate of excellence in performance and loyalty
                                                    Baptist School Amman, June 2004

ACTIVITIES               Member of The American Choral Derectors Association ( ACDA )

​                                                Member of The National Association for Music Education ( NAfME )

                                              Member of The Organization of American (OAKE )
                                           Kodaly Educators / Oklahoma Chapter, 2009- present

                                                           Jordan Light Cultural Association,
                                                     General Assembly member 2011- present

                                               Member of Parents-Teachers Association(PTA)
                                                  At the Baptist School of Amman 2011/2012

                                                       Dozan Wa Awtar Choir Member /Alto   
                                               Amman Arab Music Ensemble member
                                            Orthodox Club /Summer Camp Participation For
                                                          Music Activities, July2002         
COMPUTING SKILLS                     The International Computer Driving License
                                                              (ICDL) May 2004/ Jordan

LANGUAGES                                 Assyrian/Aramaic (Native), Arabic, English

VOLUNTEER OR                                     Church Service, piano  
COMMUNITY SERVICE                          (Al-Rabiah Baptist Church) 
                                                                 1992 - present


INTERESTS                                  Concerts, Sports (Swimming), Archeological
                                                                    Sites, and Museums