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"The Collapse of Communism"
"The European Unity and The Arab World"
"The Peace Process in the Middle East"
"The Political Modernization"
"The Inter Arab Gulf Countries Relation : The Borders Disputes"
"Future of Jerusalem"
"The Historical Dimensions of the Qatari Foreign Policy"
"The Human Rights Between Principle & Implementation"
"The Globalization & the Arab Democracy"
“Jordanian Iraqi Relations: Jordanian Point view”
“Water Co-operation Role in the Peace Process in the Middle East"
“The Gulf Council Cooperation-GCC- Role in the Inter-Arab Relations”
“The Effects of Globalization on Euro- Arab Relations"
“The Role of Arab World and China in enhancing and enrichment of the Cultural Diversity"
“ The Role of the Civil Societies and NGOs  in the development of Human Rights in Jordan’
“Culture of Peace and Peacekeeping Operations: Middle East Case Study”
“Religion and Politics in Middle East: Jordan as Case Study”
"Jordan-U.S. Nuclear Cooperation and Nonproliferation in the Middle East"
"Indo-Arab Political- Socio- -Cultural Relations: Historical Prospective"