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About Me




D.O.B: 28/05/1955




1998    Post Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management,

            RMIT, School of Engineering, Australia

1990    Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering Geology/Hydrogeology)

            University of Leeds, UK

Thesis Title: Effects of groundwater level fluctuations on the engineering properties of desert soils.

1980    M.Sc. (Hydrogeology)

            The University of Jordan, Amman

            Thesis Title: Hydrogeology of the Area East of the Dead Sea.

Courses:  Engineering Geology; Field Geology, Hydrogeology; Structural Geology; Geophysics; Clay Mineralogy; Environmental Geology.

1977    B.Sc. (Geology and Mineralogy)

            The University of Jordan, Amman

            Graduation Project:  Hydrogeological mapping of the Area North of Amman City, Jordan.



·      Scholarship for a period of 4 years of PhD study at Leeds University, UK. British Council, UK.



Word Processing:        Microsoft Word

Graphics:                     Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint

Professional:                Global mapper (GIS), Modflow (limited applications)




Jan’09– to-date           Honorary Research Fellow/ Casual lecturer

`                                   Latrobe University, Environmental geosciences: Lecturing, tutoring and research.  Academic visitor/ Casual Academic Staff: Monash University, Civil Eng. Dept.: Research, tutoring and occasional lecturing

June’08– Jan’09          Associate Professor

Sept.’02– June’08       Assistant Professor

Dept. of Applied Geology and Environment, University of Jordan: lecturing and research.

(Sep.’03- June’ 05)      Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies for development: Administration and research

Jan.’2000– Aug.’02    Assistant professor/project co-ordinator

Master Program of Water Engineering, Civil Eng. Dept., Birzeit University in collaboration with Delft University/ UNISCO, The Netherlands.

Sept.’97 Sept.’98    Research Fellow

                                    Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept., Melbourne University

                                    VIEPS: Running Engineering Geology course.

Sept.’94 Sept.’96    Senior Geotechnical Engineer

                                    Gulf Consult-Watson Hauksly (Montgomery Watsons), sewerage

                                    renovation project, (60 million USD), Kuwait.


March’93 Sept.’94  Engineering Geologist

                                  Mouchel And Partners Consulting Engineers, Kuwait

                                   Highway Project: Earth works, ground anchors and dewatering systems.


Jan’90 Feb.’93        Assistant professor

                                   Yarmouk University, Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Jordan


Oct.’80 Sept.’86     Teaching Assistant

                                    Kuwait University


March’77 Sept.’80   Engineering Geologist / Hydrogeologist

                                   Jordan Valley Authority / Dames and Moore/ Harza Engineering

                                                    Co, Geosonda Consulting Co., Dam projects: Earth works, compaction control, grouting, dewatering and pump testing.



Specialist areas:

·       Geotechnical and mineralogical characterization of natural soils (bentonite, marl, zeolites, volcanic tuffs and blended soils) for the purpose of environmental applications as landfill liners, geopolymers, and groundwater issues.

·       Three papers are currently under preparation.


Publications (please see list of publications for details):

  • Single author of 5 refereed journal papers
  • Principal author of 3 refereed journal papers
  • Co-author of 6 refereed journal papers
  • Co-author of 7 conference abstracts/papers
  • Author and co-author of several professional technical reports
  • Co-author of 1 book: General Geology
  • Author of manual of hydrogeology



·            Research grant, 2007 (Au$ 45 K), Deanship of Scientific Research, University of Jordan for geotechnical characterization of zeolite deposits and blended bentonite-zeolite materials

·            Research grant, 2005 (Au$ 25 K), Deanship of Scientific Research, University of Jordan for geotechnical characterization of marl deposits

·            European Union (EU) grant (EU 230 k): in collaboration between University of Jordan and University of Brussels, Belgium awarded in 2005 for the use of geopolymers from local Jordanian materials in water harvesting and low cost construction materials (project team member)

·            Research Centre grant, 1988 (USD 70 K), for the study of rising groundwater under the City of Kuwait.


(Always high scores of student evaluation during my academic career and achieved the highest score in year 2008, amongst 121 staff members of the Faculty of Science, University of Jordan)



  • Geo1PRO and Geo1ERS – lecturer and tutor (Latrobe University, 2009)
  • Geo101 (University of Jordan)
  • Engineering Geology for civil engineering students – course developer, coordinator/lecturer (University of Jordan)
  • Engineering Geology for geology students – course developer, coordinator/lecturer/tutor (University of Jordan)
  • Rock and soil mechanics  – year 3 level, course developer, coordinator/lecturer/tutor (University of Jordan)
  • Field techniques – course developer, coordinator/lecturer, excursions supervisor (University of Jordan, Kuwait University)
  • Geology of dams – years 3 and 4 level, course developer, coordinator/lecturer/tutor (University of Jordan)
  • Hydrogeology 423 – year 4 level, course developer, coordinator/lecturer/tutor (Yarmouk University)
  • Principles of Hydrology 321, course coordinator/lecturer/tutor (Yarmouk University)
  • Principles of Meteorology year 3 level, course coordinator/lecturer/tutor (Yarmouk University)
  • Environmental geology – year 2 level, course coordinator/lecturer/tutor (University of Jordan)



  • Advanced Engineering Geology (PhD and M.Sc., University of Jordan)
  • Hydrologic modelling (M.Sc., University of Jordan)
  • Engineering Geology (Honour students and Engineers, VIEPS, University of Melbourne)
  • Advanced Hydrogeology (Master of Engineering, Birzeit University in collaboration with Delft University/UNISCO, The Netherlands)



  • 29/05/2009 seminar at Monash University
  • 28/05/2009 seminar  to the Australian Geological Society
  • 26/03/2009 seminar at Latrobe University
  • Several seminars of different subjects (University of Jordan)



  • M.Sc. completed 2
  • Committee member and examiner of several M.Sc. and PhD theses
  • Graduation project completed 2 (University of Jordan)
  • Co-supervision Graduation project, current 1 (Monash University)



  • Member: number of departmental and faculty committees
  • Member: Environmental Standards Committee / Jordan
  • Vice Dean of Graduate Studies for Development affairs, University of Jordan (2003-2005)
  • Project co-ordination, Delft University/UNISCO  and Birzeit University (2000-2002)





·      Bulletin of Engineering Geology, International Association of Engineering Geologists, 2007



·      Reviewer of technical papers for the Bulletin of Engineering Geology, International Association of Engineering Geologists.



·         Chartered Engineer (IMM, British Engineering Council)

·         Member International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH)

·         Member Association of Geologists, Jordan

·         In the process of joining Australian Geomechanical Society



2006-2009  Training sessions for undergraduate and graduate students

2002           Training Water Engineers on water well technology, USAID, Amman-Jordan, project coordinator and trainer. 

2001           Short course on groundwater exploration and modelling Birzeit University

2000           Trainer to Blue plan, EU, workshop on collecting, managing and enhancing water statistics, Cannes, France, June 28th July 4th.



·      Travelling, sightseeing and swimming




Rock Solid Australia Pty Ltd:
Site investigation, compaction control, evaluation of house damages due to soil expansion and     drilling programs for geophysical data verification.


Gulf Consult-Watson Hauksly (Montgomery Watsons):

Design and supervision of dewatering systems, deep excavations and backfilling. 

Supervision of quality control tests on soil and concrete.

Prepare specification documents, and supervise micro tunnelling works (trenchless pipe laying).


Mouchel/Atkins And Partners Consulting Engineers / First Ring Road Highway Project

Supervision of earth works

Supervision of ground anchors works including fabrication, drilling and installation

Design and supervision of dewatering systems.


Jordan Valley Authority / Dames and Moore/ Harza Engineering Co, Geosonda Consulting Co


Geologic mapping for dam sites, Supervision of drilling water wells, aquifer testing, groundwater


Site investigation for dam construction including drilling, borehole logging and permeability testing.

Supervision of drilling and grouting related to foundation treatment of dams.
Preparation of engineering geological maps, Design of water wells, Design and supervision of aquifer testing.




1999/2000       Several reports on water statistics, environmental statistics, agricultural statistics   

1998                Hydrogeological and Environmental assessment for water reservoirs of Daylesford area / North of Melbourne City, Australia. Centre for Environmental and Applied Hydrology, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Melbourne University, Australia

1995                Pumping Tests for Sulaibikhat Sewerage Project- Kuwait. Prepared to Bruckner

 Grundbau, Germany

1995                Soil and Water Conditions of Al-Rawdah and Edeiliyya Districts of Kuwait. Prepared to Bruckner Grundbau, Germany

1987, 1988      Annual and Final Reports on the Effects of Groundwater level Changes on the Engineering properties of Desert Soils. Publications of the Faculty of Graduate studies - Kuwait University

1992                Laboratory Manual of Hydrogeology, Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences / Yarmouk University, Jordan