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This course delineates presentation of dental macro- and micro-morphology and evidence-based chronologies of the human dentitions, while reflecting definitive shifts in modern dental practice.
First Year
This course delineates the fundamentals of functional tooth form through drawings and carvings. It clearly pinpoints the critical landmarks--particularly those of posterior teeth. Models of the eight typical tooth forms are used to demonstrate the differential anatomy of individual teeth. Detailed instructions are offered on drawing teeth to scale and on carving them in soap blocks.
First Year
This basic dental science course covers the following topics: - Understanding the normal histology of oral tissues - Recognition of different oral tissues at the microscopic level - Understanding the development of oral tissues - Understanding the biology and physiology of oral tissues - Correlating basic Oral Histology and Pathology with clinical practice.
Second Year
This basic practical dental science course covers the following topics: - Identifying oral tissues both at the microscopic and macroscopic levels. - Gathering information about some important concepts using the internet or published scientific papers. - Encouragement of team work amongst students by working as groups on preparing oral presentations.
Third Year
This course cover the microscopic structure of the various systems in the human body including the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, renal, endocrine, and male and female reproductive systems, and skin.
This clinical course covers the following topics: - Preparation of the dental unit with emphasis on cross-infection control. - Components of the clinical history. - Components of clinical extra- and intraoral examination. - Diagnosis and treatment planning. - Taking intraoral radiographs. - Mastering adequate oral hygiene methods. - Performing local anesthetic injections required for anesthetizing dental and oral tissues prior to commencement of dental and oral treatment. - Demonstration of dealing with the dental units available in the undergraduate clinics of conservative dentistry and Prosthodontics.
Third Year