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Foundations of Environmental Geology
Saffarini, G.
Jniversity of Jordan2005
Essentials of Environmental Science
Abed, A. and Saffarini G. (Eds.)
University of Jordan2004
Quantifying the chemical variability of a Precambrian diabase from south Jordan using stochastic techniques; a proposal
Saffarini, G. and Jarrar, G.
University of Jordan1996
Geochemical and petrogenetic aspects of late Precambrian diabase in Wadi Um Salab, SW-Jordan: Implications for mantle below Jordan.
saffarini, G. and Jarrar, G.
Geochemisch-statistische  Untersuchungen an Eisenerz und Nebengestiensserien der Lagerstaette Fortuna bei Berghausen/Dill.
Saffarini, G.