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Hala A. Abu Taleb



PhD American Studies                                      Tel: (+962) 6 5355000 ext. 24761

Department of English                                       Fax: (+962) 6 5355522

University of Jordan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               



Washington State University,

Pullman, Washington State

School of liberal Arts

American Studies Department

Doctor of Philosophy, May 2009

Dissertation Tittle: Gender, Media, Culture and the Middle East


University of Jordan,

Amman, Jordan

Faculty of Higher Education

Masters Degree, June 2003

Major: American Studies


University of Jordan,

Amman, Jordan

School of Arts

Bachelors Degree, June 2001

Major: English Language and Literature




-         Arabic: A native speaker.

-         English: Excellent command of spoken and written English.

-         French: Attended several French courses at the French Cultural Center.

-         Computer literate – familiar with Microsoft Windows, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe PhotoShop, the Internet and Microsoft Project.





-         An Assistant Professor at the University of Jordan (English Department/ American Studies Program), 2009- till present.

-         A Teaching Assistance at Washington State University, 2007-2009

-         A Research Assistant at Washington State University and a researcher in a digital divide program, 2006-2007

-         A Teaching Assistance at the University of Jordan, at the English department. 2004-2005

-         I have spent two years (2002-2004) working as a Business Analyst and translator at The Middle East North Africa Financial Network, Inc. (MENAFN). The company is the leading provider of online and wireless financial content and technology platforms to financial institutions across the Arab world.  Twelve of the largest fifteen financial institutions in the Arab world are served by MENAFN.




-         "Change through the Academic Filed of American Studies," Crisis, Chains, and Change: American Studies for the Twenty-first Century: American Studies Association Annual Meeting. Texas, San Antonio. November 18th-21, 2010.

-         "Claiming Back the Aesthetic Spectacle” at the Arab Popular Culture Conference held at The American Lebanese University. Lebanon/Beirut. April 20th – 23rd 2010

-         “Disrupting Reflections:  Researching Muslims and Those of Middle Eastern Heritage” at 5th Annual Globalization, Diversity, and Education Conference. Spokane. February 25th-29th 2009.

-         “Resolving Differences: The Seed of Unity,” Finding the Center 2008: The Fourth Annual Action-Oriented Human Rights Conference. Idaho. April 4th-5th 2008.




-         The Timbuktu Chronicles, 1493-1599 C.E.: Al Hajj Mahmud Kati’s Tarikh al-fattash, by Al Hajj Mahmud Kâti. Edited by Christopher Wise, Translated by Christopher Wise & Hala Abu Taleb, 2010.

-         “Arabness between life and death.” The Arena Journal, 2009.




-         Digital Diversity Program (DDP): As a research and teaching assistant I was a member of DDP at Washington State University. The project aims at bridging the digital gap between different ethnicities and minorities through building digital existence that can hopefully get different point of views closer and thus initiate more understanding, respect, and surely co-existence. DDP, mentors and gradate students, is a team work and a multidimensional beneficial project especially as the different members involved enjoy different racial, cultural, and educational background. My personal focus through the project is the Arab communities in the Unites States. Primarily, I try to locate these communities in Washington State, get in touch with them, and offer to help them within the limits of our program and their personal preferences.

-         Drama Club: During my service as a teaching assistance at the University of Jordan, I was a co-founder of the university’s Drama Club, a project belonging to the English department. With another professor, I helped direct, train and assist a group of students in performing Shakespeare’s play “Much Ado About Nothing.” In 2005, the play was also performed as part of Jeresh national festival as part of cultural activities.

-         Attended several specialized workshops, courses and seminars including those focusing on cultural theory, Women Studies, communication and media, and political and economical issues.

-         Conducted several research papers and oral presentations on different topics of all the fields above.




-         Professor Victor Villanueva, a regent professor, Department of English at Washington State University. E.mail

-         Professor Christopher Wise, Department of English at Western Washington University. E-mail

-         Mr. Ramzi AbdelJaber, Managing Director, Business Development at Investcorp and previously the founder and chief executive officer of MENAFN. E.mail