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About Me



Prof. Dr. Hassan Al Fugha

Geol. And Mineral. Dept.

Faculty of Science

University of Jordan

Telephone: (+962-6) 5355000 ext 2225

Mobile: (+962-7) 777659955                                                                                          


Prof .Dr. Hassan Alfugha




Date and place of Birth :          25/7/1956  Madaba

Nationality :                             Jordanian


Height:                                   175 cm

Weight:                                  Excellent

Marital Status:                       Married 4 children

Hobbies:                                Tennis, Soccer, Chess, and Backgammon

Language:                              Read, Write and speak both Arabic, English and German fluently



1982 Geological Engineering Diplom: Stuttgart university, Germany.

1985 Germany Mineralogy Ph. D. Technische Universitaet Tuebingen, Germany.





Feb. 1986 - Feb.1995

Assistant Professor, Geology Department, University of Jordan.


Feb. 1995 - Mar.2003 Associate Professor, Geology Department, University of Jordan.


Oct. 2004 Professor. Geology Department University of Jordan.


Sept. 2006/2007

Sabbatical Leave, Tafila 2006 chairman of the Engineering. Geology Department.


Sept. 2007/2008

 Sabbatical leave Hashemite University


Sept. 2008/2009

 Director Center of Environmental Studies Hashemite University – Jordan.



July, 1988-August, 1988: DAAD Research Scholarship

July, 1990-August, 1990: DAAD Research Scholarship



The undergraduate and graduate level courses that I have been teaching for the last few years are listed below . Please note that not all of these courses are taught each semester . Some are taught annually, Others are taught every second year or on demand.


1.Geology 101                          2. Geology 102

3. Mineralogy                           4. Geochemistry

5. Environmental Science         6.Exploration Geochemistry

7. Economic Geology               8. Environmental Geology

9. Petrology                              10. Geology of Jordan



Has been member of the following faculty senate committees:


1. Academic Promotion

 2. Graduate Studies

3. Instructional Improvements

4. Faculty Grievance

5   5. M. Sc. And Ph. D. Examining committees (More than 20 Student).