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About Me

Am Excellent teamwork while maintaining own initiative. • Good problem solving and functioning in a demanding environment. • Communicational skills at all levels. • Great client management skills. • Excellent task management and presentation skills. • Fluent in computer applications. Technical: 1. 3 years experiences in blood tests laboratory through working in the Doctoral research. 2. Ability to organise daily nutrition requirements for all community levels: pregnant, infant, elderly, school children, etc. 3. Good communication with patients and clients. 4. Following tests, examinations from the start, throughout analysis and result conclusion. 5. Working knowledge in food/nutrition product manufacturing processes. 6. Ability to work in food/nutritional laboratories. 7. Ability to handle chemical and micro/biological units. 8. Ability to do nutrition research and health reports. 9. Ability to write nutrition essays and grant application forms. I believe that I will make a significant contribution to meet my goals, and this is for the following reasons: 1. I am a very motivated person. 2. A hard worker. 3. Love helping the others. 4. Highly respect my seniors. 5. Appreciate advice from others. 6. I do most of my work using the computer 7. A- Involved in the PhD and MSc courses as a post graduate; • Participating in many critically review articles. • Attending lectures and seminars. • Writing as essay about project. • Courses: a. Statistics. b. Biology of cells. c. Safety works. d. Lab work. e. Division and distribution food meals. B- Responsibility of the research Management by: • Co-ordinating participants. • Preparing and harvesting of the samples. • Analytical procedures, weighting the samples, preparing particular solutions and mixing them with the samples and centrifuging.