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Aerobic and anaerobic abilities of taekwondo players of different weights
Harran Al-Rahamneh & Nahar Al-Soab
Deanship of Academic Research, the University of Jordan 2015
Physical activity level of disabled individuals in Palestine and its relation to health and psychological variables 
Harran Al-Rahamneh (PhD)
Hamdi Mango Center for Scientific Research, the University of Jordan 2015
Measuring Peak Oxygen Uptake Using Maximal Perceptually Guided Grdaed Exercise Test During Arm Exercise
Harran Al-Rahamneh (PhD) & Craig Williams
The Academy of Medical Sciences, London, UK2014
Prediction of Peak Oxygen Uptake from Peak Power Output in Able-bodied and Paraplegic Persons
Harran Al-Rahamneh (PhD) & Roger Eston (DPE)
Eurpean College of Sport Science 2012
Rating of Perceived Exertion during Two Different Constant-load Exercise Intensities during Arm Cranking in Able-bodied and Paraplegic Participants
Harran Al-Rahamneh; Christopher Byrne & Roger Eston
School of Sport and Health Sciences, University of Exeter, United Kingdom2010