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About Me


Haythem Saadeh, PhD


                      Date of Birth:  July 15, 1966

                      Place of Birth: Amman, Jordan

                      Citizenship: Jordanian


01/2011-current       Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry at The University of Jordan            

09/2004-01/2011      Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Jordan

 09/2003- 09/2003     Lecturer at the Hashemite University

 04/2000- 06/2003     Senior chemist at Transphotonics L.L.C.       

 10/94-03/2000           Ph.D. candidate in organic and polymeric chemistry.

                                   The University of Chicago.

                                   Advisor: Professor Luping Yu.                        

 09/91-4/94                 Ph.D. candidate in organic and

                                   Medicinal Chemistry. Loyola University of Chicago.

                                   Advisor: Professor Charles Thompson.               

01/88-05/90               M.Sc. in organic chemistry. The

                                  University of Jordan. Amman,Jordan.

09/84-12/87               B.Sc.  in chemistry. Yarmouk

                                  University, Irbid, Jordan. 

Ph.D Thesis:

Design and Synthesis of Novel Materials Exhibiting Large Electrooptic Coefficients”. Saadeh, Haythem Ali. The University of Chicago, USA. (2000), 204 pp.

Special Techniques

Expertise in: synthetic organic chemistry; a wide range of simple and complicated carbocyclic and heterocyclic systems (thiophene, pyrrol, furan, imidazole, pyridine, pyrimidine, indole, azepine, oxatriazines, tetrazines,…..); air and light sensitive chemistry;  Spin-coating and casting films; Vaccume deposition of metal electrodes; sublimation; Film thickness measurements by a profile or prizm coupler setup; Viscometry; Flourescence; NMR, IR, HPLC and GC.



Presentations: The 214th ACS national meeting, September 7-11, 1997, Las Vegas, Nevada. (Saadeh, Haythem; Gharavi, Alireza; Yu, Dong; Yu, Luping “Polyimides with a Diazo Chromophore Exhibiting High Thermal Stability and Large Electrooptic Coefficients” Book of Abstracts, 214th ACS National Meeting, Las Vegas, NV, September 7-11, 1997, Poly-217).



Affiliation: Member of the American Chemical Society.