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This course discusses some mathematical concepts and their methods of teaching, such as: numbers, metric system, nation and proportion, prime and composite numbers, and other geometrical concepts such as area and volume, Also this course discusses mathematical goals and objectives.
First Year
This course discusses current trends of teaching elementary mathematics with the concentrating on constructivism. Also, this course focuses in different strategies of teaching mathematical concepts, generalization, skills and problem solving. Finally, this course focuses on teaching of some geometrical concepts such as points, lines, and congruence and similarity.
Third Year
Essential knowledge of computer technology and literacy; the role of ;computer technology in the learning and teaching process; computer literacy; computer-aided instruction; computer-managed instruction; computer applications in education; operating systems; word processing; spreadsheet; and databases; using computer programs such as Microsoft publisher, Excel, word and PowerPoint in classroom practices.
Second Year
This course will focus on computerized instructional packages such as, Autherware and Director to use it to design an interactive instructional programs; Computer packages for Mathematical and symbolic manipulations such as, Mathematics windows environment; Internet and its use in education, and how to design a web home page.
Identifies educational materials for children their importance, sources and types, Choosing ready – made materials according to appropriate criteria and identifying their uses in the classroom. Students will learn to design needed materials which promote children’s thinking abilities such as classification, sorting, numbers, special relations, measurement, time, causality… etc. Emphasis is also placed on designing materials in ways that enhance children’s total development and also to judge the efficiency of the produced learning materials.
Third Year