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Evaluation Study for the National Group for Agricultural and Animal Industry/ Qatar. Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development. April, 2000
 National Consultant – Biodiversity Strategy and Action plan- The General Corporation for the Environmental Protection (GCEP). A joint project with UNDP. April 2001 – October 2001
National Consultant- Jordan Rift Valley Improvement Project (JRVIP) - Project Formulation- Phase B. Ministry of Water and Irrigation/ Jordan Valley Authority. Incorporation with the World Bank. July 2001.
National Consultant. Development of field crops production. Formulation of the programme components of the special programme for food security in Jordan, 2003 (Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with FAO).
Technical supervision for reusing treated wastewater in forage production at Kerbit AlSamra. Kerbit AlSamra Society for Special Needs. Management of Agricultural Water Project, Ministry of Planning. 2003.
National consultant- Community based Rehabilitation of Rangeland Project. Implementing agency: Badia Research and Development Program (BRDP) in cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture. Funded by GEF/ NGO-small grants program and USDA. April 2002-April 2005.  
National consultant- Water Reuse Implementation Activity. Waste Water Reuse Programme- Jordan. Badia Research and Development Program. Project funded from USAID (US Agency for International Development. September 2002 – February, 2004.
Agricultural Resources Management: Project – Phase II (ARMP-II). Sustainable  Land Management Component. IFAD/GEF Project on Mainstreaming Sustainable Land Management Practices in Jordan: PDF-B phase – September, 2006.
Land-Use & Land-Use Change & Forestry Sector Reviewer. Project title "Enabling Activities for the Preparation of Jordan's Second National Communication to the UNFCCC".  UNDP. 2008
The Second National workshop on “Plant Genetic Resources and Biodiversity”. A workshop held by the Genetic Resources Unit / NCARTT. Dana, Jordan, 19-20, September, 2001.
Rangelands Strategy in Jordan. Workshop held by Ministry of Agriculture/ CIDA, July, 2001. Amman.
National Strategy for Agricultural Development. Workshop held by Ministry of Agriculture, 26-27, November, 2002. Amman, Jordan.
The role of local community in the development and sustainability of rangelands. A workshop "Rehabilitation of communities affected by drought in Jordan". CARE-Jordan, June, 2002.
Annual Symposium. “Water Reuse for the future: Use it again, America”. September, 8-11, 2002, Orlando, Florida, USA. Water Reuse Association, USA.
A workshop about "Agro biodiversity legislations". Amman- Jordan. 29 June, 2004.   
Scientific research and its role in combating desertification and stabilizing sand dunes. Federation of Arab Scientific Research Councils. Masqat, Oman. April, 2-4, 2005.
Workshop on “ Forages in Jordan – Actual situation, challenges and solutions”. 26/12/2007. Coordinator and lecturer.  
Training course on desertification monitoring using remote sensing. Guelph University – Canada. 25/7/2009 - 8/8/2009.
First International Summer School programme ( Promoting conservation agriculture in the Arab region) University of Applied science Weihenstephan- Trisdorf. Germany, from 20 Sep. to 4 Oct. 2010.
Tenth International Conference on Development of Dry land. Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Development in Drylands under Changing Climate- Moving from Global to Local. 12-15 dec.2010 Cairo- Egypt. The presentation was entitled “ Impact of micro-catchments water harvesting on plant diversity in Jordan Badia rangelands. 
Climatic Change and Agriculture Vulnerability in Jordan (highlands/ Jordan valley), and possible response, ( Assessing impact and decide on potential and existing agricultural activities. 6-7 oct.2010.
A workshop on water-related security threats. Climate change and adaptation options for the Jordan River Basin, Jordan, ( threats and challenges for agriculture in the upland of Jordan River Basin). 9-10 April 2011.
Workshop entitled “Integrate conservation agriculture as a holistic into higher education programs”. American University of Biuret, Lebanon. 18-24 April 2011.
Second International Summer School programme (Promoting conservation agriculture in the Arab region). AREC, American University of Buiret, Lebanon..5 Sep. to 16 Sep. 2010.
Workshop entitled “ Improving food security and adaptation to climate change in Iraq and Jordan. Amman, Jordan. May 16 – 2011. .16/5/2011- عمان
Workshop on “ Establishment of long term trials on conservation agriculture” Amman – Jordan. University of Jordan. 25 – 28 July, 2011. DAAD Project
Workshop on “ Gender barriers towards employment impact”. Amman – Jordan. University of Jordan. 31 November – 4 December 2011. DAAD Project.
Member of the national committee for the development of irrigated agriculture in the highlands of Jordan, 2001. The Royal Agricultural Committee for the Development and Formulation of the National Strategy for the Development of Agriculture in Jordan (2002 – 2010).
 a- Team leader. Reuse of treated waste water for forage production.  
 b- Team member. Production of industrial crops.
Member of the national committee for the development of rangelands and livestock sector in Jordan, 2001. The Royal Agricultural Committee for the Development and Formulation of the National Strategy for the Development of Agriculture in Jordan (2002 – 2010).
 a- Team leader. Growing cactus as a fence crop for livestock.
 b- Team leader. Using water harvesting techniques for improving forage production in the dry areas.
Member of several committees at the department or faculty levels, such as the Committee for the development of undergraduate and graduate Curriculum, and the higher studies committee.
Member of a special team to prepare a draft legal frame for” Intellectual  Property Rights for  Genetic Resources and Local Utilization for the Natural Plants in the Badia of Jordan”. 2010.  
Member of the National Committee for Plant Biodiversity. Ministry of Environment. 2011.
Member of the technical committee –Scientific Research Support Fund – Ministry of Higher Education. Amman – Jordan. 2011.  
Production of irrigated forage crops in the north eastern of the Jordanian Badia, Badia Ecosystem Restoration Program. Ministry of Environment. Amman, Jordan, 2009. Member of the steering Committee and leader of team for preparing a study for the possibility of forage production under irrigation in the Badia.
National Study: Towards a strategic plan to produce wheat. Badia Research and Development Center, in co-operation National Defense Authority/ Jordanian Army. 2008. 
Saoub, H.M. 1994. Hay and forages. A lecture submitted to the provisional program on “Sheep Nutrition and Management Course", organized by ICARDA 12-21 April, Amman, Jordan.
Saoub, H.M. 2001. “Chemical composition of forage crops irrigated by saline water”. Part of the activities for the training course entitled "Sustainable Management of Crops and Soils Irrigated with Brackish and Treated Waters". 4-15 November, 2001. Water Studies and Research Center. University of Jordan.
Saoub, H.M. 2007.  Watershed as a Natural System. Tenth International Training Workshop On Wadi Hydrology: Watershed Management. 22 – 27 July 2007. Amman- Jordan.
Saoub, H, M, 2008.  Vegetation Cover and Land Management. Training Workshop on Sustainable Land Management (SLM) in the Dry Environment. 3-13 June 2008. West Asia Regional Program. Amman-Jordan.