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A scientific visit to University of Ghent, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. 8‑19 June, 1992. Sponsored by IAEA
Sabbatical leave. Sept. 1993‑Sept. 1994. Research conducted: The use of biological fertilizer to partially support plant with nitrogen.
  • Interregional training course on the use of N15 in soil science, plant nutrition and agricultural biotechnology. Leipziq, Democratic Republic of Germany. 12 May‑12 June. 1987. Sponsored by international Atomic Energy Agency IAEA°°.
Crop simulation and agrotechnology transfer, ‑Amman 4‑13/11/1985. Co‑sponsored by Univ. of Jordan, ACSAD, and IBSNAT
Technical and economical feasibility study for Hajjah Governate in the Arab Republic of Yeman. May        12‑June 3, 1984.      Sponsored by Arab Organization for Agricultural Development
  • Training course for Agricultural Extension Engineers. Der Alla 719/11/1984. Sponsered by University of Jordan and  Ministry of Agriculture. (Lecturer)
  • Specialized training course of soil fertility and fertilizers for Yamani students. (Lecturer)
Local consultations for soil and plant analysis and fertilization recommendations
  • Consultant for Irrigated Agriculture Research, NCARTT