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The Social History of Jordan, University of Jordan
The Social Work Conference, University of Jordan
The Fourth Nursing Conference, University of Jordan
American-Arab Relations, University of Jordan
Asian-Arab Relations, University of Jordan
The Translation of Arabic & Islamic Thought, University of Jordan
The Fifth Nursing Conference, University of Jordan
Census Conference, Department of Statistics, Jordan
The Islamic Project in the 15th Hijra century, Al-Bayt Foundation, Jordan
Literacy as Freedom, UNESCO, Amman, Jordan
Vision Forum for the Future of Education in Jordan, Amman
Camp & Classroom Based Psychosocial Interaction Program, Sponsored by Save the Child Foundation-Palestine, Held in Amman
Third Millennium and Human Rights, Organized by Greater Amman Municipality, Amman
Second Conference of the Arab Women’s Summit, Amman
Children and the City Conference, Sponsored by Municipality of Greater Amman, Arab Urban Development Institute and World Bank, Amman
Jordan E-Learning Forum, Amman
STEP 2 Training for Persons with Disabilities, Organized by The Landmine Survivors Network in Cooperation with the Jordanian National Disability Council, Amman
Introduction to Project Management, Procurement and Financial Analysis, Organized by the World Bank for Iraqi Personnel, Amman
Drug Enforcement Administration-International Training Course, Amman
Curriculum Development in Iraq, Organized by UNESCO, Amman
The Tenth Scientific Conference of the General Federation of Arab Veterinarians & The Fifth Scientific Conference of the Jordanian Veterinary Association, Amman
CPA Program Management Office Workshop, Amman
68th Rotary International District 2450 Conference, Amman
ICT and the Iraqi Curriculum Workshop, Organized by the World Bank, Amman
National Health Accounts Workshop, Organized by the World Bank, Amman
Inter-Agency Network on Education in Emergencies, Hosted by UNESCO and UNHCR, Amman
Health Systems Development Planning for Iraq Health Sector, Organized by the World Bank, Amman
Family Education in Early Childhood, Organized by Information & Research Center, King Hussein Foundation, Amman
Media & Telecommunications Convergence Conference, Organized by Arab Advisors Group, Amman
Ceremony Celebrating the Publication of a Book Titled: Gender and Democratization in the Arab Region, Organized by the Regional Human Security Center at the Jordan Institute of Diplomacy, Amman
Social Protection and Pensions in Iraq, Organized by the World Bank, Amman, 16 June 2004
Consultation Workshop on Mesopotamian Marshlands Management, Organized by the Canadian International Development Agency, Amman
Arab Media Women Third Conference, Organized by Organized by Arab Media Women Centre, Amman
OECD-MENA Investment Steering Group Meeting, Organized by Organized by Organized by OECD and the Jordan Investment Board, Amman
Protection Training Workshop for MoDM (Ministry of Displacement & Migration), Organized by UNHCR, Amman
IPCC (Iraqi Property Claims Commission) Meeting in Amman, Organized by OIM (International Organization for Migration), Amman
Islamic Governance and Democracy: Differences and Co-existence Potentials, Organized by Al-Bayt Foundation, Amman
Intellectual Property Workshop, Amman
Joint INCB-UNODC Seminar on the Control of Precursor Chemicals, Organized by the International Narcotics Control Board and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Amman
Building Supply Chains to Europe Workshop, Organized by EJADA, Amman, 5 Sept. 2004
Training Workshop for Iraqi Specialists on the Application of the World Heritage Convention, Organized by UNESCO, Amman
Regional Solid Waste Management Project in the Mashreq and Maghreb Countries-NGO Workshop, Amman
UNDP-OECD Initiative on Good Governance for Development in the Arab Countries, Amman
Lecture on Sovereignty and Intervention, Jordan Institute of Diplomacy
Lecture on Powerlessness of Power, City Hall, Amman
Landmine Survivors Network Field Interviews
Meeting of General Assembly-International Civil Defense Organization, Amman
Middle East/ Africa Region Microcredit Summit, Amman
First Arab Parliamentarian Conference on Child Protection, Organized by Jordanian Parliament, APU, UNICEF, Amman
Knowledge Management on Children’s Status in MENA Cities, Amman
IAOS-IASS Joint Conference on Poverty, Social Exclusion and Development: A Statistical Perspective, Amman
AJEX 2004, Amman
International Crisis Group Meeting on Iraq Amman
International Conference on Employment: The Future of Iraq, Organized by ILO, Amman
The Ninth RIIFS International Academic Conference; Iraq: Notions of Self and the Other Since the Late Ottoman Era, Organized by RIIF, Amman
First International Symposium on Takaful, Organized by Insurance Commission, Dead Sea
Establishment of a National Centre for Missing and Disappeared Persons in Iraq, Amman
Administrative and Parliamentary Skills Training Program for Iraqi Transitional National Assembly (TNA) Staff, Organized by Sunny Center for International Development, State New York University, Amman
Vision 2005, Jordan Telecom, Amman
MENA-OECD Initiative on Governance and Investment for Development: Working Group 5, Hosted by Jordan Securities Commission in Co-operation with MENA Regional Corporate Governance Forum, Amman
Amman Outward Mission 2005, Organized by Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), Amman
Fraud in Marine, Air and Inland Insurance Transportation, Organized by Jordanian Insurance Federation, Amman
First Phase School Construction and Rehabilitation Project in Iraq, Organized by World Bank, Amman
Rebuilding Iraq’s Power Sector, Organized by Project and Contracting Office (PCO), Amman
UNEP Capacity Building Training Workshop on Environmental Law, Organized by UNEP and UNITAR, Amman
Down Syndrome-Today and Tomorrow, Organized by the Jordanian Association of Down Syndrome
Environment Site Assessment, Organized by UNEP, Amman
Iraqi Household Socio-Economic Survey, Organized by the World Bank, Amman
A National Centre for Missing and Disappeared Persons in Iraq: Meeting of the Scientific Group, Organized by the Ministry of Human Rights, Iraq and UNAMY, Amman
Collabo-Tex, Amman
Launch Ceremony of the Third Arab Human Development Report, Organized by UNDP, Amman
TNA Senior Staff Professional Training Program Cycle II, Organized by Sunny Center for International Development, State New York University, Amman
Landmine Survivors Network Regional Workshop ‘Training of Trainers on Disability Rights’, Amman
Political Party Training Workshop, Organized by Centre for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), Amman
Iraqi Business Association Executive Development Programme Workshop, Organized by Centre for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), Amman
International Seminar on Genetically Modified Organisms-Risks and Impacts, Organized by the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN), Amman
Gender Training Workshop, Organized by the World Bank, Amman
Workshop on Convention (102) Minimum Standards of Social Security, Organized by Social Security Corporation, Jordan, Amman
Roundtable on the International Criminal Court and the Iraqi Special Tribunal: Access to Justice and Place of Victims, Organized by the International Federation of Human Rights in coordination with the International Human Rights Legal Institute, the Law Group for Human Rights and the Amman Centre for Human Rights Studies, Amman
The 12th Annual International Conference: Facilitating the Flow of Funds to SMEs, Organized by the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences, Amman
Seminar and Workshop on Depleted Uranium (DU): Field Measurement Techniques, Reconnaissance and Sampling (Module 1), Organized by UNEP, Amman
ILO Training Workshop- 2nd Phase: Design & Development of Employment Oriented Modular Training, Organized by ILO
IOM, UNHCR and UNEP Meetings with the Iraqi Minister of Displacement & Migration (Consecutive Translation), Amman
Workshop on the IDP Strategy for Iraq, Organized by IOM & UNHCR, Amman
Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering, Organized by the Central Bank, Amman
Promotion of Cottage Industries Project, Organized by UNIDO, Amman
Promotion of Cottage Industries Project, Organized by UNIDO, Amman
Iraqi Radio Stations Forum, Organized by Media in Cooperation and UNESCO, Amman
Iraqi Central Bank Workshop, Organized by Bank of England, Amman
Psychosocial Assessment in Iraq, Organized by IOM, Amman
Arab Reform- Bellagio Conference, Organized by Rockefeller Foundation, Bellagio, Italy
Juvenile Justice, Organized by UNECEF, Amman
Aghadeer Countries Declaration Partnership Meeting, Organized by JEDCO (Jordanian Economic Enterprises Development Corporation), Amman
Rules for Procedure for the Council of Representatives of Iraq, Amman
WIPO Sub-Regional Forum on Industrial Property and Access to Pharmaceutical Products-Addressing the Concerns of the Developing Countries, Amman
HIV at Work: How Business Response Can Make a Difference? Organized by Family Health International (FHI), Amman
Legislative Strengthening Program for Jordanian Staff Parliament, Organized by the State University of New York, Amman
Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop, Organized by Family Health International (FHI), Amman
State, Religion and Democracy in Iraq, Organized by National Democratic Institute (NDI), Amman
Third International Rebuild Iraq Expo 2006, Amman
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