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Dr. Jawdat Goussous
International Symposium at Al al-Bayt University, “Architecture and Islamic Arts in East Europe and Middle Asia"
Jawdat Goussous,Hadi Seyam,Hussain Alzoubi
Fourth Global Conference on Renewable and Energy Efficiency for the Desert Regions kicks off at UJ
JordanSeptember 12, 2013 Participant
Jawdat Goussous
the First Conference for Heritage Conservation, Greater Amman Municipality
JordanSept. 1997.Participant
Jawdat Goussous
Symposium around “Urban Regeneration and the Role of Traditional Architecture,” British Council in Cooperation with Al-Balqa University, College of Traditional Islamic Arts
Sep.  2013Lecturer
Dr.Jawdat Goussous
The First Conference for Heritage Conservation
Jawdat Goussous
ItalyMarch 21–27, 2010Participant
Dr Jawdat Goussous Arch. Mirna Hadadeen
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Modern Approaches in Science, Technology & Engineering, 2019, Berlin , Germany
Germany 2019Participant
Dr. Jawdat Goussous & Dr Tareq Rasheed A. Mohammad
11th. International conference for building & construction
Egypt17th-21st June 2004Participant
Jawdat Goussous
Conference on Conservation and Preservation of Cultural Heritage, German Cultural Center, in cooperation with Department of General Antiquities, Ministry of Tourism, Amman, Jordan
Jordan Oct. 2000. Participant