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Definition of evaluation and its kinds and relation with objectives in its levels and evaluating the knowledge attitudes and values in social studies. Structuring questions in order to develop the student thinking at different levels with consideration of using different levels of evaluating methods.
Different strategies in teaching mathematics (concepts, generalizations, skills and mathematical problem solving). Using modern technology in teaching mathematics like ordinary and graphic calculators and computers, some mathematical programs like Mathematical, different methods in teaching mathematics like games, stories, learning by doing, and using visual aids.
A comprehensive analytic view of school curricula and methods of instruction!, with reference to basic school curricula in Jordan; concepts of the curriculum and its relationship to learning and teaching; aspects of the curriculum (cognitive, philosophical, social and psychological); curriculum components (goals, content, learning activities, teaching methods and evaluation).
First Year
This course in concerned with the elements at classroom teaching; teaching skills and competencies necessitous for the lower basic stage classes: lesson planning; questioning techniques; communication in the iterative approach in the learning and teaching process; critical thinking; problem-solving; cooperative learning; role-playing
Second Year