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The University of Jordan2015
Solubility of local materials for geopolymerization
Islam Dabsheh and Hani Khoury
Hisham Hijjawi Establishment  2011
Collection of research papers
Hani Khoury
Deanship of Scientific Research2010
Chemical Stabilization of Natural Resources of Jordan
Hani Khoury
Deanship of Scientific Research2006
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation1986/1987, Summers 2006, 2009, 2011, 2014
Basic Science for Arab Scientists
Hani N. Khoury
Shouman Foundation 1985
Unusual Mineralization in Central Jordan
Hani N. Khoury
Alexander Von Homboldt Research Award(1986-1987)
Hani N. Khoury
awarded from his Majesty Late King Hussein. (Nov., 1994)