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Introduction about farm animals, breeds of ruminants (cattle, sheep, goats) and poultry, products of farm animals, basic concepts in animal breeding, physiology of digestion and reproduction, importance of nutrients, husbandry of farm animals, livestock sector in Jordan.
Undergraduate Course602101
The course discusses the concept of rangelands as a type of land and not a type of land use, description of rangeland types, main components of rangeland ecosystems, theories of succession, monitoring of rangeland attributes, and calculation of stocking rate.
Undergraduate Course602272
This course focuses on kinds of grazing lands, objectives of grazing, effects of grazing animals on rangeland ecosystems, defoliation components, factors governing selective grazing, principles of grazing management, stocking rate and carrying capacity, traditional and commercial grazing systems.
Undergraduate Course602373
Selection of range improvements, restrictions on range improvements, planning range improvements, manipulation of range vegetation, revegetation of degraded rangelands, water-harvesting techniques, field assessment of range improvements.
Undergraduate Course602474
This course includes limitations to forage intake by grazing animals, dynamics of key nutrients in range plants, grazing and ingestive behavior, plant selection in grazing, and investigating the functional relationship between range plants and animal performance.
Graduate Course602704
This course includes the basis of calssifying the small ruminant production systems, types of production systems: pastoral, agro-pastoral and commercial, production systems of small ruminants in Middle East, main characteristics of flocks/herds (size, structure, composition, productive performance), feed calendar, spatial and temporal mobility of flocks/herds, marketing channels of animals and their products, constraints to production, opportunities for improving production, indigenous knowledge, questionnaire design and data analysis.
Graduate Course602789