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About Me

NB.jpgI finished my bachelor’s degree from AL Hashemite University in 2003, and was one on the top students on my cohort. I received my masters in critical care nursing from the University of Jordan in 2005 with excellent rank. And finished my Ph.D. education at the University of Nebraska Medical Center – USA in 2012 where I also worked for 2 years at a research center and 3 years as a teaching assistant and at the international office at UNMC. For my Ph.D. I studied how painful procedures in the NICU negatively affect the sleep-wake cycle of the premature babies. Besides my Ph.D. work I received a specialized 2-year training on a certificate called NIDCAP. It stands for the Newborn’s Individualized Developmental Care Program, and so I am the first NIDCAP Certified nurse in Jordan. This certificate qualifies me to understand the baby’s behavioral ways to communicate their needs to the caregivers and to evaluate their neurobehavioral development in the NICU. Career wise, I worked as a staff nurse and a faculty of pediatrics nursing in both Jordan and USA. Currently, I am a faculty of pediatrics nursing at the University of Jordan, a NIDCAP professional, and a junior researcher. Besides my work as a nursing faculty, I continue my community services by contributing to improve competencies of newly employed neonatal nurses in clinical settings. Finally, I am an active member in several international associations and a reviewer in 2 journal that focus on neonatal nursing and pain.