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Co- Advisor
Abdallah Khalid Plant ProtectionMScSecond 2022/2023No
Main Advisor
Baylasan EmadPlant ProtectionMScSecond 2021/2022No
Co- Advisor
Rawan MustafaBiologyMScFirst 2023/2024No
Dr. Nidal Odat and Dr. Nehaya Al-Karablieh
Eman almomaniMedical analysis\Al-Balqa Applied UniversityMaster Degree2022No
Dr. Da’san Jaradat and Dr. nehaya Al-Karablieh
Abeer ObeidatApplied Chemistry\ Al-Balqa Applied UniversityMaster Degree2021No
Dr. Nidal Odat and Dr. Nehaya Al-Karablieh
 Isra’a Mahmoud Al-FarisBiotechnology\ Al-Balqa Applied UniversityMaster Degree2020No
Prof. Dr Talal Abu Rjai and Dr Nehaya Al-Karablieh
Wesam Shafeeq Pharmaceutical Sciences\The University of JordanMaster Degree2018Chemical Composition of Essential Oils Hydrodistilled from Aerial Parts of Achillea fragrantissima (Forssk.) Sch. Bip. and Achillea santolina L. (Asteraceae) Growing in JordanTaylor and Francis\Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants.  23:1, 15-25, DOI: 10.1080/0972060X.2020.1723442Yes
Prof. Dr. Talal Abu Rjai
Isra' TayseerPharmaceutical SciencesMaster Degree2017In vitro Anti-Helicobacter pylori Activity of CapsaicinDr. M.N. Khan/J. Pure Appl. Microbiol., 14(1), 279-286.  March 2020Yes