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            Mrs. Najwa  A. AL-Junaid

            Nationality: Jordanian

          Date of Birth: 03-02-1974

            Martial Status:  Maried

           Address: Amman / Tla Al Ali

            Mobil :00962 77616500

            Mail : n.junaid@

            Rank: Teacher 




1999- 2000        DEA (Master 2) in French Literature – University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne /


1997-1998         Maitrise (Preliminary Diploma grade of Master Degree) in Educating French   

                            Language for non-native speakers, University of  Toulouse Le Mirail / France

1996 -1997         Licence (B.A) in sciences of  Language in Educating French Language

                           for non-native speakers, University of  Toulouse Le Mirail / France

1995 -1996       DALF Certificate: (Diploma in extensive studies of French language),

                           CAREL de Royan / France

1991-1995        B.A Degree in French Language and Literature, Sana'a University / Yemen.

1989- 1990       General Secondary Certificate – Assma School, Sana'a / Yemen.


Summary of Experience

First- Education Field:

2006- Present   University of Jordan- French lecturer, Faculty of  foreign language / French Dept.

2001-2005         University of Jordan- French lecturer (part-time), Faculty of Arts/ French Dept

2003-2004         Philadelphia University- French lecturer (part-time), Faculty of Arts/ French Dept.

2003-2004         Al-Petra University- French lecturer (part-time), Faculty of Arts. (Summer Semester).

2002-2003         Al-Petra University- French lecturer (part-time), Faculty of Arts. (Summer Semester).

1999-2000         Islamic Center (France)- Arabic Language Teacher

1998-1999         University of Sana'a / Yemen - French lecturer, Faculty of Arts/ French Dept

1998-1999         French Cultural Center (Sana'a / Yemen) - French Language Teacher

1990-1991         Aicha school (Sana'a / Yemen) - Br primary school teacher

Second – Other Fields:

1992-1993         Librarian, French Cultural Center (Sana'a / Yemen)

1992-1993         Journalist (under practice), Yemen Times Newspaper (French Page), Sana'a /Yemen.

1992-1993         Cultural Chief, Association in French Dept, Faculty of Arts/ University of Sana'a /  Yemen

Reformation training


20.2.1018                          Teaching Creativity and innovation - University of Jordan

23.12.2017                         Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) - University of Jordan

7.12.2017                            Project-based learning - University of Jordan

18-20.09.2018                     Habilitation training for correction DELF/DALF – Institut Français de Jordanie

24.05.2017                          New trends in university teaching - University of Jordan

8 -11.05.2017                       Project pedagogy and new technologies - University of Jordan

24. 4.2016                           Training for Electronic library (E-Library) - University of Jordan

3.01.2016                            workshop on e-learning - University of Jordan

9 -11.09.2014                       Translation of specialized speeches - University of Jordan

29.01.2012 - 02.02.2012      Training of trainers in Information Technology - University of Jordan

10-14.01.2009                      Structuring a French course Teaching-FFL and FOS - University of Jordan

26, 29, 31.03.2009                Habilitation training for correction DELF / DALF - Institut Français de Jordanie

1997-1998                             Training educational in Educating French Language for non-native speakers / Association Montalbanaise d'Aide aux Réfugiés / France

1996                                      Training methodical in Educating French Language for non-native speakers-CAREL de Royan / France


Taught Course

             French for Beginners I                                                            

             French for Beginners II                                                           

             French for Beginners III                                                    

            French for Specialization I                                                            

            French for Specialization II  

            French for Specialization III                                                  

            Language Skills I (French)                                                      

            Language Skills II (French)                                                   

            French Grammar I                                                                  

            Writing I (French)                                                                           

            Listening & Reading Comprehension I (French)                  

            Listening and Reading Comprehension II (French)           

            Translation I (French)                                                         

            Writing III (French)                                                               

            French Linguistics I                                                                      

            Presentation and Debating (French)                                      

            French Literature II                                                                


Najwa AL-JUNAID, Haneen ABUDYEH: « Traduction et lexique gastronomique : entre le texte source et le texte traduit, mangera-t-on la même chose ? » les mots et les mets, in Revue d’ Etudes Françaisse, cief, N 19, Budapes 2014


·         Good computer skills – MS Word, PowerPoint

·         Capable of planning and sourcing multiple activities

·         Systematic and advanced internet searching knowledge

·         Solid presentation and communication skills

·         French / English / Arabic Typing


·         Arabic: Native

·         French: Fluent

·         English:  good level


·          Teaching French as a foreign language

·          Reading​