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Sweis, R.,
A paper presented at the conference on “Security and Stability in the Mediterranean: “The Role of Euro-Atlantic Institutions”
Rhodes-GreeceSep 14-15, 2002Participant
Sweis, R
A paper presented at the conference organized by: Jordan University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Science and Arts
 Jordan May 23-24, 2001Participant
Sweis, R

” A New Vision of Turkish Arab Economic Cooperation in the 21st Century".

Istanbul, TurkeyMay 2001. Participant
 Sweis, G. and Sweis, R. and Shatnawi, A. and  Armouti, M
Proceedings of the CME 25 Conference. Construction Management and Economics: Past, Present, and Future
 UK. 16th – 18th July, 2007Participant