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Research and development projects:
 Assessment of the Quality of  reproductive health care services, Middle East Grant Award, The Population Council, 1990.  This research was conducted in Irbid governorate , Jordan
 Regional Reproductive Health Intervention project. A Ford Foundation Regional Grant, 1997-2001. This project was based on the results of the assessment of quality of care project above. It involved the development of reproductive health interventions including community health education activities , health service package development, training of providers and finally the development of Women Health Clinic based on community women’s health needs assessment. The project was conducted in  Ain- Al Basha comprehensive public health center in the outskirts of Amman, Jordan. A number of women NGOs were involved in the development and implementation of this project.
 Implementation of a project aiming at measuring the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases in a sample of reproductive age women attending the OB/GYN departments at 3 public hospitals in Amman, Russaifa and Zarqa cities in Jordan. This is a  USAID funded Family health International project implemented in direct collaboration with Ministry of Health.
 In March, 2005, finalized the project directed at  assessing the quality of reproductive health services of Maternal and Child Health centers at the Ministry of Health, Jordan, as a  nationwide survey . Based on the results of this project service quality indicators and systems for ensuring and monitoring service quality improvement were developed. A UNFPA funded project.
 In July, 2004, developed the design for a regional women comprehensive health center for the South area of Jordan. The center caters for training and research in addition to delivering comprehensive services to women and their children. A World Bank funded Consultancy.
 In March 2006, completed a project in which child abuse teaching in medical school curricula was assessed and recommendations to its inclusion and to build staff capacity to teach it were made. A UNICEF consultancy.
 Early June, 2006 , completed a concept note on reproductive health common  country assessment in preparation for the UN Common Country Assessment process for the 2006-2008 program cycle. AUNFPA consultancy. 
 Between June and December 2007 provided technical assistance to University Research Co. ( USAID funded project) to develop and get registered the national Health Care Accreditation Council. A non- profit company charged with setting quality and safety standards and accreditation of  the health care institutions and programs in Jordan.