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About Me

Dr. Salsabeel Alabbady received a BSc degree in Computer Information Systems from the University of Jordan in 2007. Upon graduation she completed MSc in Computer Information Systems from the University of Jordan in 2009 with an ‘Excellent’ score. She next worked as a lecturer and research assistant for one year, and she has been granted a scholarship from the University of Jordan to continue her PhD studies in Glasgow Caledonian University. She has completed her Thesis in three years and achieved a “Straight Pass”, there were no corrections required. Afterwards, she was appointed as a supervisor to a PhD student in Glasgow Caledonian University. Currently, she started her work as an assistant professor in King Abdullah II School for Information Technology. During her PhD studies she has published five papers and participated in international conferences in UK and USA. She was working in the area of medical applications in virtual environments. Her Thesis presented the research undertaken that underpins the development of a healthcare management system with the use of multimodal interaction and 3D simulation. The research has contributed to the new technique to visualise motion capture data with regard to the possibilities and limitations of available resources and health professionals‟ requirements. Furthermore, the Electronic Medical Records in conjunction with the motion captured data in Virtual Environment (VE) enhanced medical data visualisation, storage, accessibility, unconstrained multiple points of view, interaction in 3D, and control of the patient‟s data. Her research has focused on the examination of 3D web based medical system development for medical data. She has furthermore introduced an interface in a virtual environment aiming to enhance medical data visualisation and accessibility.