​Dr. Jihad Al-Shuaibi

Associate Professor


Brief Bio 2014


Upon graduation in 1999 with a Ph.D. in Linguistics from the Universita' degli Studi di Padova in Italy, Dr. Al-Shuaibi joined the Department of European Languages DEL (then Department of Modern Languages) at the Faculty of Foreign Languages FFL (then Faculty of Arts) at The University of Jordan (JU). He had earned a scholarship from JU after having obtained both a B.A. in English Language and Literature and an M.A. in English Language and Linguistics from the same University. Between September 1999 and September 2000, Dr. Al-Shuaibi worked as Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies with the main task of coordinating and promoting the International Program of Graduate Studies (dealing with all international graduate candidates), and of editing the Faculty’s publications. From September 2001 until September 2003, he served as Assistant Dean at the Deanship of Academic Research, where he was in charge of overseeing the publications of the Deanship and acted as Assistant Editor of DIRASAT (an International Refereed Research Journal http://dar.ju.edu.jo/dirasatonline). From September 2004 and still, he acted as the coordinator of the joint Italian-English B.A. program at DEL. He also served as the Chairman of DML, a department with 27 staff members offering four joint B.A. programs (German-English, Italian-English, Spanish-English and Korean-English) to 1378 students, and three levels for six different languages. From September 2008 until September 2009, he served as Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages for student affairs. Since his arrival in 1999 at the UJ, he has been the coordinator for all sport activities at the FFL.

Dr. Al-Shuaibi is now an Associate Professor in Linguistics at DEL. As an instructor, Dr. Al-Shuaibi teaches a wide variety of courses at different departments, mainly: skill courses in Italian language and linguistics, Italian grammar and translation at DEL, but also English linguistics at the Department of English Language and Literature, General Linguistics at the Department of Linguistics, Arabic Verb System for foreign students at the University of Jordan (within CIEE program), among others. Alongside teaching translation, he has translated a variety of works, including five Italian manuals on Textile Technologies and Emperor Fredrick II's De Arte Venandi Cum Avibus (The Art of Falconry). From 1999 until 2003, Dr. Al-Shuaibi worked as a volunteer with the Board Committee of the Association of Professors of English and Translation at Arab Universities (APETAU), creating two web sites on behalf of the Association, namely: www.apetau.org and www.ijaes.org. His research focuses on Contrastive Analysis, Verb Systems, Tense-Time Relationships, Language Development and Language Teaching and Translation. He has not only participated in, but has also served as part of the organizing committees of different international conferences in Jordan and abroad. In addition Dr. Al-Shuaibi has supervised the works international researchers and the dissertations of graduate International students within the framework of Erasmus Mundus.​