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Basic consideration, characteristics of the chemical industry, material and energy balance, Raw materials for chemical industry, production processes for organic chemical industries, basic chemicals from petroleum, industrial polymers, detergents, chemical industrial process development, technology of chemical processes, selected industrial processes.
second semester 2012
Review of basic polymer principles: definitions, functionality, polymerization reactions, step growth and chain growth polymerizations, free radical polymerization, copolymerization, ionic polymerization, polymerization techniques, molecular weight, metal complex catalysts, important polymer types, polymer properties and polymer classes, Industrial polymers: addition polymers, condensation polymers and special polymers, thermoplastics, elastomers, synthetic fibers, surface coatings, adhesives
second semester 2012 (For MSc students)
1. Basic Principles 2. Polymer Structure and Polymer Morphology 3. Polymer Structure and Physical Properties 4. Step Reaction Polymerization 5. Chain Reaction Polymerization 6. Ionic and Coordination Polymerization
First Semester 2012-2013
Introduction; atoms, molecules and ions; stoichiometry; Reactions in aqueous solutions; gases; energy relationships in chemical reactions; electronic structure; the periodic table; chemical bonding-I the covalent bond; chemical bonding-II molecular geometry and hybridyzation.
First semester, 2015
Safety rules; techniques and measurements; formula of a hydrate; empirical formula of an oxide; limiting reactant; determination of acetic acid in vinegar; neutralization capacity of antacid, bleach analysis; molar mass of volatile liquid; thermochemistry and Hess, law; molar mass from freezing point depression; solubility product constant
2013-2014, first semester
Bonding and isomerism; alkanes and cycloalkanes; alkenes and alkynes; aromatic compounds; stereoisomerism; organic halogen compounds; alcohols, phenols and thiols; ethers and epoxides; aldehydes and ketones; carboxylic acids and their derivatives; amines and related nitrogen compounds
2015 / 2016 second semester
Melying point; boiling point and distillation; recrystallization; extraction; steam distillation; chromatography; dehydration of alcohols; nucleophilic substitution; electrophilic aromatic substitution; alcohols and phenols, oxidation of alcohols; aldehydes and ketones; preparation of carboxylic acids; amines.
2015 / 2016 second semester
General information; meltimg point; boiling point and distillation; recrystallization; extraction; steam distilation;chromatography; alkenes; nucleophilic substitution; electrphilic aromatic substitution; chemistry of alcohols and phenols, oxidation of alcohols; aldehydes and ketones properties and reactions; carboxylic acids
2014-2015 second semester