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Training course for 14 Agric.Engineers from Ministry of agriculture (Jordan) about IPM for cereal leafminer during Feb 2 to Feb 7, 2005: Coordination and lecturer
Training course for 15 Agric.Engineers from Ministry of Agriculture (Jordan) about Biology, Ecology, and control of cereal leafminer during April 2 to April 4, 2005: Coordinator and lecturer 
Giving lecture in univ. of Damascus in 2005 about olive insect pest
Giving lecture in Univ. of Damascus in August 2008 about Grape Phylloxera
Giving lecture in International Symposium on olive tree integrated pesi managment, organized by Olive Tree Institute, FAO, Technical Center of Organic Agriculture and Tuisian Associaion of Plant Protection in Sousse, Tunisia 25-27 november 2008
Giving lecture in International Workshop of Persistent Organic Pollutents that held in Roal Hotel in Amman, 9-13/3/2009