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Turki Bani-Khaled
Annual Conference of the British Association for Applied Linguistics
Exeter University, U.KSept, 1988Lecturer
Turki Bani-Khaled
Conference of Educating the Arab Teacher in the Twenty First Century
Jordan, AmmanOctober 1995Lecturer
Turki Bani-Khaled
National Seminar of Publicizing Arabicization and Development of Translation
Amman- JordanJun 7-8,1998Lecturer
Turki Bani-Khaled
ICET World Assembly
Jordan, AmmanDec. 1996 Lecturer
Published in ICET conference proceedings
Turki Bani-Khaled
Yarmouk University Third Annual Linguistic Conference
JordanApril 1984Lecturer
Abstract is published as: (1984) "Linguistic Analysis as an Input to Course Design," in (Eds), Abu-Salim, Issam. ; Owens, Jonathan.; Proceedings of the Annual Linguistics Conference (3rd, Irbid, Jordan, April 1-3, 1984).
Turki Bani-Khaled
Dictionaries in Asia: Research & Implications
University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong, China26-29 March 1997Lecturer
Keynote speaker
Turki Bani-Khaled
Attitudes towards Standard Arabic among Jordanian Undergraduate Students of English; a paper given at the International Conference on Language, Literature and Translation: Power to Connect in a Changing World; 22-25, April, 2014 at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Jordan, Amman-Jordan.
Amman -  Jordan22-25 April 2014Lecturer
Turki Bani-Khaled
The First Joint Symposiun on Semantic, Pragmatics, and Translation
Amman, Jordan13 December 2007 Lecturer
Organised by Applied Science Private University and Atlas Global Center for Studies and Research.