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This class is open to all second and third year law students and all students eligible to take classes from the classes listed as Gender and Women's Studies core classes. This class begins with a focus on feminist legal theory, and the integration of feminism with issues of race, class, sexual orientation, and disability. The second major focus is on equality rights in Canada, from the early cases to current concepts of equality under the Charter. The class then considers the impact of feminist legal theories in particular areas of law. This is followed by student class presentations on their major paper topics.
Participate in an engaging dialogue with a distinguished group of women political leaders who will discuss the importance of strengthening women's political participation, globally. Join this influential group committed to advancing global efforts to make gender equality in politics a reality for women everywhere.
This course deals with the definition of constitution and its relation to other laws, types of constitutions, and ways of creating constitutions. It also deals with the regime and the main political system of states, the authorities of the state and the competence of each
First & Second Year/الأعمال
This course deals with the Jordanian constitutional history from the British Mandate until now. It also contains introduction to the Ottoman rule, the Great Arab Revolt and history of constitution in Jordan. It also considers the important rules and principles of the Jordanian Basic Law, political and constitutional organization in Jordan, authorities in Jordan, political system in Jordan, rights and freedoms characteristics of the 1952 Constitution, the executive Authority ( the king and the ministers), legislative Authority and Judicial Authority
First & Second Year
The course deals with the political development of the Middle East and North Africa with particular emphasis on and specialisation in democracy. Students are provided with insight into the theoretical discussion regarding the problematic nature of democracy. Individual cases are discussed where various experiments in incorporating and attempts to incorporate democracy into various countries have been made. The aspects discussed are, among other things, Islam and democracy, the role of the military in politics, civil society, the sovereignty of the state, as well as citizenship and democracy.
متطلب كلية الأعمال