The purpose of this course is to establish an understanding of the importance of animal production which enrich information about farm animals regarding heredity and environment that leads to increase production of meat, milk and eggs to provide animal protein for human consumption
To introduce poultry science in all its aspects starting from fowl anatomy, breeds, hatchery management, brooding and rearing, housing equipments and cleaning and nutrition and management
This course gives a general idea about how to manage a poultry farm taking into consideration all conditions related to management such as housing, light systems, turkey, ducks and ostrich management, biosecurity related to environment, pollution and wate management and nutrition aspects and feed formulation
This course is a practical one which focus on three major parts of animal production: Dairy cows, Poultry and sheep and goats. It will include the main producing breeds, feed requirements and formulation, housing, record keeping, disease control  and all other management operationsrequired to raise a healthy flock. In addition, students will be divided into groups and each group will raise a broiler flock from one day old until marketing age. During this period, they will be responsible for all the required operations with a final report submitted at the end of the course which includes all calculations of production costs.
Discussing in details the ingrdeient composition and evaluationof the different feeding programs especially the least cost diets and introducing the new softwares of feed formulation. Preparing nutritional programs for the different kinds of poultry such as broilers, layers, brreders, turkey and ducks.
Understanding and reviewing the main concepts related to poultry nutrition. Focusing on each components of feedstuffs and its main function in body (metabolism). Feed formulation on wide scale and measurement of diet and ingredient nutrient quality. Acquaint students with recent topics in poultry nutrition research around the world.
Discuss different topics of animal science and production including nutrition selected and presented by the students but evaluated by the supervisor
Every year second semester06002318
Every academic year first semester0602212
After completing the poultry production course students are exposed more to the poultry house design, lighting, ventillation, marketing, biosecurity, welfare and total poultry inductry in Jordan
Every year second semester06002318
Course deals with all aspects of poultry nutrition and all feeds groups with the main constituents of rations as ingredients and nutrients.
every year as elective course602486
Practical application of raising group of broilers for students from all specialization in the school of agriculture from day old until marketing.
Every year first and second semester0652499