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IXth International Congress of Virology
UK-GlasgowAugust 8-13, 1993Participant
Improvement of microbial Strain Traits
Egypt-Cairo6-14 November, 1989Participant
The 8th Arab Conference for Antimicrobial Agents
Syria -Lattakia3-5 October , 2010Participant
Water Virology workshop in Public Health Laboratory Service
U.K-Reading27-30 June 1995Participant
Jordan National Medical Biotechnology Development Project: Consultative Seminar.
Jordan-Amman27 Feb, 2011Participant
Workshop of Food Microbiology and Quality Control
Egypt-Cairo2-20 November, 1987Participant
The 5th Arab Symposium of Antimicrobial Agents
Jordan-Amman18-20 October , 2007Participant
Salwa Bdour
The Third International Conference on Genetically Modified Food
Jordan-Amman18-19 November, 2008Lecturer
The 4th Arab Symposium of Antimicrobial Agents and 16th National Congress of Infectionology
Tunisia-Tunis17-20 April, 2006Participant
The 6th Arab Conference for Antimicrobial Agents
Rabat-Morocco16-18 October, 2008Participant
The 17th International Herpes virus Workshop
UK-Edinbrugh1-6 August, 1992Participant
The Jordanian Conference of Biological and Medical Laboratory Sciences
Jordan-Amman12-13 Sep, 2001Participant
Diagnostic Virology workshop.  West Glasgow Hospitals NHS Trust
UK-Glasgow1 June 1995Participant