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Hala Khyami Horani
A regional expert meeting on drafting the strategy of ISESCO in the development of higher education
Amal El Kharouf and Hala Khyami Horani
Academy of International Business
Natali Sarsour andHala Khyami-Horani.
The European biotechnology congress 2011
Hala Khyami- Horani
 Beirut, Lebanon2011Participant
Natali Sarsour andHala Khyami-Horani
The European biotechnology congress 2011
Hala Khyami- Horani.
Paper presented at the meeting of experts on the establishment of higher education in the Islamic world under the auspices of the Organization ISESCO.
Beirut, Lebanon2011Participant
A. Al-Lahham, J. Abu Qayyas, H. Khyami-Horani, R. Al-Kayali.
26th International Pediatric Association Congress.
Johannesburg, South Africa2010Participant
Arab women organization;  3rd Conference.
Sebei, S., Ameur, C., Khyami - Horani, H., and Boudabous, A.
Proceedings of International Symposium of Environmental Pollution Control and Waste Management
Sebei, S., Ameur, C., Khyami - Horani, H., and Boudabous, A.
 1er Journeés de Biotechnologie Industrielle et de L’environment
Sebei, S., Ameur, C., Khyami - Horani, H., Karchani, S., and Boudabous, A.
Bactériocine de Bacillus cereus.XIIemes Journeés Nationales de Biologie. SSNT.
Monstair 2001Participant
Khyami - Horani, H.
The First Arab Symposium on Antimicrobial Drugs.
Amman- Jordan2000Participant
Khyami - Horani, H.
Biotechnology in Agriculture: Present and Future.
Amman- Jordan2000Participant
Khyami - Horani, H.
The Seventh Arab Congress of Plant Protection
Amman_ Jordan. 2000Participant
Khyami - Horani, H., A. M. Katbeh-Bader, and Z. H. Mohsen
The Third Arab Conference on  “ Modern Biotechnology and Areas of Applications in the Arab World”.
Cairo, Egypt.1998Participant
Khyami - Horani, H., and Al-Moghrabi, S.M. 
International Conference on the Biology of Coastal Environments ( ICBCE 97)
Khyami - Horani, H.
Tenth International Conference on Global Impacts of Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
Khyami -Horani, H.& N.Dajani.
Regional Conference on the role of women in modern industry in the Arab World
Amman- Jordan.1993Participant
Khyami -Horani, H., F. G. Priest, & A. M. Mahasneh.
Proceedings of the second Arab conference on perspectives of Modern biotechnology
Amman, Jordan.1993Participant
Khyami-Horani, H.
Conference in Lebanon Arab Women & the Environment B.U.C, NOV.
Lebanon 1993Participant
Amal El Kharouf and Hala Khyami Horani
5th Conference on Scientific Research in Jordan