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4th year students
5th year students
Fourth year dental students are expected to examine patient attending the outpatient dental department
in order to establish diagnosis and provide the appropriate treatment plan. They are also expected to
examine oral medicine cases to establish diagnosis, provide them with treatment after appropriate
investigations. Follow up of oral medicine cases are required.
4th year students
1. reorganization of the following surgical problems:
cysts, benign and malignant tumors, salivary gland
disease, implants.
2. orthognathic surgery ( facial deformity)
Maxillofacial trauma, cleft lip and palate, the use of
laser in dentistry, fibrooseuos lesions, assessment
and amanagement of diificult oral surgery problems.
3. How to reach the proper diagnosis through the proper
investigation considering the differential diagnosis.
4. reorganize the surgical treatment of final diagnosis
5th year students
5th year students
4th year students
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