Amin Almasri and Shadi Moqbel
Multi-physical solutions for harsh environments: Computations and Experiments
Seoul, Republic of Korea2016Lecturer
Shadi Moqbel and Debra Reinhart
5th Jordanian International Civil Engineering Conference
Amman, Jordan2012Lecturer
Shadi Moqbel, Debra Reinhart and Ruey-Hung Chen
Eurasia Waste Management Symposium
Istanbul, Turkey2011Lecturer
Shadi Y. Moqbel, Reed M. Maxwell, Andrew Tompson, Jeffery Wagoner, Kayyum Mansoor; Steven Smith, Carol Woodward,; Jeffrey Mirocha, Julie Lundquist.
Groundwater Summit,
Denver, Colorado, USA2010Lecturer
Shadi Moqbel, Reed Maxwell, Andrew F. B. Tompson, Jeff L. Wagoner, Kayyum Mansoor, Steve Smith, Carol Woodward, Julie Lundquist, and Jeffrey Mirocha
AGU Fall Meeting
San Francisco, California, USA2009Lecturer
Shadi Moqbel & Debra Reinhart
5th Intercontinental Landfill Research Symposium (ICLRS),
Copper Mountain, Colorado, USA,2008Lecturer