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1. The degree of appropriateness of the physics content textbook for ninth and tenth grades for the achievement of learning outcomes from physics teacher's perspective in al-zarqa directorate.
2. The effect of physics education technology |( PHET) strategy on the understanding of physics concepts of science processes self-among the basic stage students of different concept of academic ability
3. Movies of undergraduate and school student for using the social network site facebook and its relation to their academic achievement.
4. The effect of using web page maker software on the current and postponed achievement of the 2nd grade student in the subject of science.
5. The effect of using the computer tablet ( ipad) on fifth-grade elementary female students achievement in math and their attitudes towards learning mathematics in the state of kuwit.
6. The effectiveness of an educational program base on dimension of learning model for Marzano in science teaching on achievement and creative thinking for students of the third basic grade in light of their achievement motivation
7. The impact of using social media communication programs on motivation of learning and social adaptation for students, and social interaction between kindergarten and parents in Kuwait.
8. The status quo of using ipad educational process from teachers' and educational supervision point of view in Kuwait.
9. The practice degree of teachers of science to their modern rules and relation with their own personal traits.
10. The nature of the high school physics teachers in Tabuk region of Saudi Arabia believes about nature of science and their actual understanding for scientific concepts
11. The impact of using the dry lab equipped with IPADS in teaching science on students' acquisition of scientific concepts and their motivation towards learning science.
12. The effect of using analogies strategy on acquiring scientific concepts, creative thinking and scientific tendencies among the 6th grades students / PhD
13. Evaluation of The Physics Textbook for the First Scientific Secondary Grade in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and The Problems that Face Students In Its Studying from Perspective of Teachers And educational supervisors
14. Sciences Teacher's Practices in Teaching Gifted students: Qualitative Study.
15. The effect of teaching science using visual – spatial intelligence on scientific achievement and creative thinking among the 8th grade in Kuwait state
16. Perspective of The Teachers of Science in governmental of AL-Qaryat in the kingdom of Saudi arabia
17. Teaching College Students ability to use internet and their attitudes toward IT and their computer Literacy Level in ARAR district IN Saudi Arabia
18. The effect of the wheatley strategy of problem - centered learning on the acquisition of scientific concepts and science skills among the basic stage students in light of their achievement motivation
19. The effect of using imagination strategy in teaching islamic education on the development of creative thinking skills for basic stage students at unrwa schools and their attitudes towards it
20. The degree of chemistry teachers practice of educational technology competencies from their and their students point of view in jordan
21. The effect of an instructional program based on integrating multiple intelligence and learning styles on understanding of scientific concepts problem solving ability and motivation to learn science among basic stage students at unrwa schools
22. The degree possession of technological skills included in the knowledge economy among students in the college of educational sciences in the university of jordan.
23. Patterns of social interactions in cooperative groups among 9th and 10th grade students in physics and its relationship with their learning styles