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Al-Eisawi, D. & Wahba, M.  
The Conference of Departments of Marine Sciences in the Arab Universities.
 Jordan. Aqaba Jan. 1985 Participant
AL-Eisawi, D. M.
Meeting of West Asia and North Africa Plant Genatic Resources, Network, WANANET working group.  
 Damascus, Syria 8-15 May 1996.Participant
 Dawud AL-Eisawi, Mustafa Qrunfleh and Moh'd Hozain.
The 8th Arab Conference of Biologicl Sciences and The 4th Jordanian Conference of Biological Sciences.
 Amman, Jordan 8-11 November 1997. Participant
 AL-Eisawi, D. M. and Musselman, L.   
The 8th Arab Conference of Biologicl Sciences and The 4th Jordanian Conference of Biological Sciences.
 Amman, Jordan8-11 November 1997 Participant
 AL-Eisawi, D. M.
Experts Meeting about Biological Diversity in Arab Countries.
Beirut,  Lebanon7-10 Oct. 1996. Participant
The forty first Annual Systematics Symposium.
 Missouri Botanical Garden, U.S.A.  30 September - 1 October 1994.Participant
 Amman   Jordan.3- 4 May, 1990. Participant
 Al-Eisawi, D. M.
Euro-Med Database Meeting. 28-29 Feb. 2000, Plant Science Laboratories, Reading University, Reading, White-knights, Berkshire UK.
  Reading University,  UK28-29 Feb. 2000Participant
Al-Eisawi, D. M.
  International Conference on the Conservation of  Biodiversity  the Arid Region.
 State of Kuwait.  27-29 March, 2000. Participant
 AL-Eisawi, D. M.  &  Oran, S. A.
Jordan Fourth Scientific Conference.
 Amman  Jordan27 August-3 September 1996. Participant
 AL-Eisawi. D. M.
Assessment of Biodiversity and Conservation in the Arab world.
 Rabat, Morocco26-29 December 1995Participant
Dawud AL-Eisawi & Sawsan Oran.
Jordan Third Scientific Conference.
 Amman  Jordan 25-30 August 1995. Participant

Qrunfleh, M.M., Arafeh, M. & Al-Eisawi, D.
 The twenty fourth International Horticultural Congress.
Kyoto  Japan  21- 27 August 1994   Participant

Aqel, S. Al Khalil, F. Afifi & D.M. AL Eisawi.
The Fifth Jordanian Pharmaceutical Conference.
  Amman   Jordan. 2 -4 May, 1990.Participant
 Al-Eisawi, D. M.
Dubai International Conference on Desertification. 
 Dubai, UAE. 12-16 February, 2000. Participant
 Al-Eisawi, D. M. 
A Workshop on National Biodiversity Planning.
 Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain.  12-14 October, 1998Participant
Al-Eisawi, D.
The State of Biology in the Arab States
Baghdad  Iraq Oct.1983Participant
Al-Eisawi, D. & Dajani, B. 
Third International Conference of Aerobiology.
  Basel   Switzerland Aug. 1986    Participant
Al-Eisawi, D. M.
Scientific Research Outlook in the Arab World and the New Millennium: Science and Technology,
 Sharjah, UAE.  April, 24-26, 2000Participant
AL-Eisawi, D.
Jordan Genetical Resources (IPGRI).
 Amman  Jordan April 1994Participant
 Al-Eisawi, D. M. & Djani, B.  
The Third Jordanian Medical Conference in Amman, Jordan,
 Amman Jordan. April 1983.Participant
Al-Eisawi, D. M. 
The Second International Conference on the History & Archaeology of Jordan.
 Amman Jordan April 1983.Participant
“ Al-Eisawi, D. M.
“The Third Conference on Desertification and Environmental Studies Beyond 2000”, 
 Riyadh,  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  30-4 Dec. 1999.Participant
Alia Hatough & Dawud AL Eisawi 
The Second Jordanian Conference for Biological Sciences.
 Amman   Jordan 3 -4 May, 1990.Participant
 Amman - Jordan  24 - 28 October 1992.Participant
Al-Eisawi, D. M.
The Fisrt Medicinal Plants Conference.
Amman, Jordan.  23-24, May 1998. Participant
Al-Eisawi, D. M.
Man and Mountain '94.
 Ponte di Legno (BS) Italy.   20-24, August 1994.Participant
Al Khalil, S. Afifi, F. Mustafa, F. & AL Eisawi, D.M.
The Fifth Jordanian Pharmaceutical Conference.
 Amman   Jordan. 2- 4 May, 1990.Participant
Hamdi, N., Mahasneh, A. & Al-Eisawi, D. 
The Ninth American Rhizobium Conference  New York  
  New York  USA   1983Participant
Al-Eisawi, D. & Dajani, B.
XII Congress of the European Academy & Allergy & Clinical Immunology.
 Rome  Italy  Sep.  1983.Participant
 Al-Eisawi, D.  
The Third Arab Scientific Conference of Biological Sciences in Amman   
 Amman  Jordan  Nov.1984Participant
 Al-Eisawi, D. 
The Fourth Arab Scientific Conference of Biological Sciences. 
 Tunis    May 1986Participant
Al-Eisawi, D. M.
The Second Arab Scientific Conference of Biological Sciences in Fiz  Morocco
 Morocco   April 1982Participant
 Al-Eisawi, D. M.  
The first Arab Scientific Conference of Biological Sciences,
 Iraq Baghdad    April  1980.Participant
 Al-Eisawi, D. M.
The first Arab Scientific Conference of Biological Sciences, 
 Iraq  Baghdad    April  1980.Participant
International Conference of Science in Islamic Polity.
 Pakistan Islam Abad      Nov. 1983. Participant