ISO Strategic Planning 2011-2015 Towards Shaping the Future of International Standards
Amman,JordanJune 2009Participant
Training in Laboratory Efficiency Testing and Calibration according to the Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005
JordanJan 2015Participant
Basem Al-Abdullah
Scientific Agricultural Jordanian Conference, the 6th,.
University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan.April 2007Participant
5th Jordanian IR International Conference on Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Jordan8-10 March 2015Participant
Basem Al-Abdullah
2nd Arabian European FoodTec days "Advances in Meat and Fish Technology"
Ismailia, Egypt7-8 December 2010Participant
ورشة العمل التحاورية حول تشاركيه القطاع الخاص مع كلية الزراعة
Jordan5 March 2015Participant
Basem Al-Abdullah
Workshop on food and safety European Commission
Jordan29-30 Nov 2010Participant
Basem Al-Abdullah
ISO 19011 (Guidelines for Quality/environmental Management System Auditing)
Amman,Jordan27 July 2010Participant
Christian Hansen A/S. Starter culture in the dairy industry , applications and quality management
Amman – Jordan23/2/2004.Participant
Near East Food Safety Meetings, FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Committee,
Amman, Jordan,2006.Participant
IPR and Technology Transfer Training and 1-1s sessions
Jordan17-18 June 2013Participant
Basem Al-Abdullah
ISO/JISM Regional Seminar on Food Safety Management Systems and ISO 22000.
Amman,Jordan1-3 April 2008.Participant