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Marwan Al-Zoubi
Biannual conference in personality (ARP)
United states of America - Missouri July 2015Lecturer
Marwan Al-Zoubi
Indo- Canadian international conference in business and psychology
India -Ahmedabad2016Lecturer
Marwan Al-Zoubi & Yousof Abu Hmaidan
International conference in Humanity and Social Sciences ICHSS
France, Paris 2014Lecturer
Dr Marwan Al-Zoubi
The Third Arabic Conference for Human Resources. "Transformation Towards Creative and Strong Investment in Human Capital."
Amman, Jordan2009Lecturer
Invited Speaker
Dr Marwan Al-Zoubi
The first Arab conference on "Behavioral transformation of organizations".
Amman, Jordan 2009Lecturer
Invited Speaker
Marwan Al-Zoubi & Fred Zijlstra
Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP) annual conference. British Psychological Society (BPS).
London , UK2005Lecturer
Marwan Al-Zoubi & Fred Zijlstra,
Paper presented at the Postgraduate Occupational Psychology (POP) annual conference. City University,
City University, UK 2004Lecturer