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Applications of psychology in the workplace; topics covered include methods of job description, design, performance appraisal, accidents analysis and prevention methods, and personnel selection and training.
Second Year
The major social psychological phenomena subjected to empirical investigation in the areas of social influence  social cognition; and social relations with an overview of the applications of social psychological knowledge in everyday life.
Third Year
Personality and the major theoretical perspectives that guide psychological research. Special consideration is given to personality dynamics, motives, cognitive and emotional aspects of personality development ,and personality assessment using objective and projective techniques.
Third Year
Examination of various statistical concepts and techniques, including samples and populations, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, T-tests, analysis of variance and correctional techniques.
Third Year
Covers research methods applied in psychological research including experimental, quasi-experimental and correlation methods. The limitations of each method is emphasized and statistical techniques applied in data analysis are covered.
This course is about using psychological knowledge in career guidance a and pre-employment assessment