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Students were given 1 week workshop during HCI course for Posters Design, and then they presented their work in KASIT GF for a committee consisted of internal and external members The committee chose the best 4 posters and they were awarded by the dean This experience was the first of its type for our students, the University covered the event and it was broadcasted in UJ radio Channel and Alrai newspaper
posters: medical record hospital: wifi car: medical record : bus: security house: Dentistry: Virtual Environment for Computer:شباب-وجامعات/البيئة-الافتراضية-لجهاز-الحاسوب-مشروع-في-الأردنية Smart watch:شباب-وجامعات/طالبات-في-(الأردنية)-يؤسسن-مشروع-ساعة-ذكية-للتواصل-مع-الأطفال Medicinal Chemistry Education:شباب-وجامعات/دراسة-مادة-الكيمياء-باستخدام-البيئة-الافتراضية-مشروع-في-(الأردنية) Learning algorithms:شباب-وجامعات/(تعلم-الخوارزميات-مع-آدم)-مشروع-ب-الأردنية Medical education (Embryology):