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Improving Vacuum in the Collision Chamber of COLTRIMS Beamline at JUVAC (by Designing and Installing a Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Cold-Finger)2014 - 2015
Modification of the PIXE-Collision Chamber at JUVAC to be used for Gaseous Targets (by Designing and Installing a Gas Jet)2014 - Present
Electron Spectroscopy and Fragmentation Mechanisms of Small Gas Phase Molecules Using Synchrotron Light at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, Italy2015 - Present
The PIXE-RBS Beamline Upgrade at JUVAC2015 - Present
Characterization of Atmospheric Particulate Matter in Amman (and ARASIA region as well) Using Nuclear Analytical Techniques (mainly PIXE and RBS)2013 - Present